Thursday, November 29, 2012


Psalm 46:10
Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!

Jesus Christ was called upon by our Heavenly Father over 2000 years ago to be the ultimate sacrifice of grace.  He died so we could live!  He said “Yes”. 

Jesus was born in a little town called Bethlehem.  Born in a manger, he had nothing but brought everything.  He was a teacher, but, many would not listen.  He continued his journey healing the sick and performing miracles.  Still many did not believe.  But, that did not stop him.   He was spat upon and mocked.  He kept on walking… all the way to the cross.  It took just one; a very special one.  Jesus Christ, Son of God, Our Messiah, The Savior of the world; THE ONE.

Billy Graham was born in Charlotte, North Carolina; raised on a dairy farm.  According to, in hindsight, there was little indication he would one day preach the Christian gospel to millions all over the world.  But, he had a voice and wanted to use it for God.  Billy Graham, JUST ONE, said “Yes”. 

His biography states, this evangelist started out as a pastor of First Baptist Church in Western Springs, Illinois.   As his ministry expanded to radio and television, he was ridiculed and even called counterfeit.  But, he kept on preaching God’s word at crusades all across the world and millions comitted their life to Christ because they were told about the ONE.

Harmon Hunt was born in Hillsboro, Texas on the “other side” of the tracks.  Growing up, his home life was anything but pleasant.  Most people would have thought this young boy would not have amounted to much.  God thought differently.  You see, it was one Sunday, God sent two men to pick Harmon up at his house and take him to church.  Because those men cared enough for him to get him to church, he was saved.  I wish I could say “Thank you” to those two men, because Harmon Hunt is my father.

He went on to high school and met his wife, my angel, my mom, Dolores.  They were married almost 51 years before he passed.  Early on in their marriage Harmon Hunt, JUST ONE, said “Yes” to God.  He started out with nothing but a passion for God and a heart for souls. That's exactly what God wanted; a willing vessel to use in great ways.  He followed God’s lead and went to a seminary in East Texas called Texas Baptist Institute.  There were a couple of churches he was pastor of before he felt the call to go into the mission field in Arlington, Texas.  The churches he was pastor of grew because he taught God’s Word!  God opened the doors for him to write a book and share the gospel on radio and television!  Though he, also, was ridiculed and told he was fake and too emotional, he kept on preaching.  Many souls were saved throughout his ministry because he preached truth about the ONE.

Briley FAITH, my granddaughter, was born October 11, 2012.  She was diagnose with a very rare disease, SMA/Type 0 and has always had to be on a ventilator.  We have been told she will never get to go home.  Though man says there is no hope, God has used her to share the greatest hope, Jesus Christ.

What started out as tragedy, God is using as a testimony.  You see, the faith of her parents shouts“YES!”.  “Use our daughter, Briley FAITH, to bring honor and glory to You.”  He has.   Briley FAITH, a child, JUST ONE.  Those who have never prayed are praying!  Those who had lost hope are hoping!  Those who did not have faith, are believing!  Thousands of lives have been changed because Briley FAITH’s story is not about her…it’s about the ONE.

LITTLE IS MUCH IN THE HANDS OF GOD!  In my own personal life, I have never before experienced God's greatness in such magnitude until Briley FAITH was born.  Since October 20, 2012, BRILEY'S DAILY DOSE blog has developed into an outreach all over the world.  In less than six weeks, including the U.S., there are a total of 17 countries that have been reached and over 7,600 views!  All glory to God! 

I'm just one simple, inexperienced blogger...Can you imagine what can be done if all of you reading this blog told one person and then that person told another, and so on…about the ONE?  Can you imagine what God could do with you?  It takes JUST ONE.   It just takes you.

Together, we can reach the world!

Heavenly Father,

It is so true that all will know who You are; that every knee will one day bow.  I am so thankful that I know who You are!  I am so thankful that You know me!  I thank You that because You sent us Your only son, Jesus Christ, my sins are forgiven and You hear my prayers!  Thank You for sending the world a Savior…THE ONE.

Thank You for showing me through Briley FAITH the urgency of telling others time is short!  I’m so thankful I said “Yes” to You in the middle of the night 7 days after she was born!  It’s not about me…it’s about YOU!

My desires for Briley FAITH have been made known.  I have such a peace that all I can do now is just thank You!  Thank You for Your mercy that outweighs the misery!  Thank You for the joy that has swept away the tears!  Thank You for using her to teach me more about You.

Oh, help us Lord to take every opportunity to proclaim Your name!  To always say “Yes!” to You! 

In Your precious name I pray.  AMEN!

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