Monday, November 26, 2012


2 Thessalonians 1:10
When He comes, in that Day, to be glorified in His saints and to be admired among all those who believe, because our testimony among you was believed.

There have been so many individuals that have been a very important part of Briley FAITH’s life.  When I looked into her eyes today I saw so much thankfulness to share with you!  I do believe she calls you, “Hero”…

After Granna looked up the word “hero” for me, I realized I have a lot of them!  Here are a few definitions:

an illustrious warriorThis would have to be my big brother, Jude!  Although, he does stand on the chair, raise his arms and shouts “To infinity and beyond!” like he’s going to fly or something, he is a hero to me.  Let me tell you why.  I love the way he holds my hand in between both of his.  Like he cherishes me, or something.  I love it when he reads and sings to me.  His favorites are now my favorites.  We like the same stuff!  He is so sweet when he tells me he likes my bow!  Then, the best thing of all…he says, “I love you to the most, Briley!”.  My heart smiles!  I wish he could see it!  My brother, my hero!

a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities – You guessed it.  My daddy!  I must be his latest achievement because there sure are a lot of people who admire him!  He is a great man who loves God!   What a noble quality!  My daddy is one who gets the job done.  If I need something, he is on it!  Making sure I receive the best care!  I think he knows I am getting the best care because he knows God!  I love it that daddy is not afraid to show his feelings.  I know  he cares about me so much…you see, every now and then his teardrop falls on my cheek.  I hope he knows the tears he sees in my eyes are not always because of pain…it is because I care for him a lot, too!  My daddy, my hero!

one who shows great courage – My mommy is the strongest most…what do they call it in the bible?  Uhh…virtuous woman!  Yes!  She takes care of her household.  That’s me!  I’m part of her household! As I watch her in my room, she makes sure everything is in order!  And like the bible says, I will rise one day and call her blessed!  She can look in my eyes and know that is what I am already saying.  Mommy takes one day at a time and is thankful for that day.  She nutures me that day.  She cuddles me that day.  She sings to me that day.  She puts a new bow on me that day.  She is constantly thanking God all day long for that day.    I want to grow up and be just like her!  My mommy, my hero!

the central figure in an event, period, or movement – I have a lot of these!  My grandparents, great-grandparents, all my relatives, my friends at church, all those who are praying for me, my doctors, my nurses, even the lady that took our family picture today!  They all have a place in my heart.  My movers and shakers!  I wish I could name them all, but, Granna would be typing a very long time.  So, I will talk about a few I have gotten to meet.

Boompa – He is my teddy bear!  I also love to see him smile at me.  His eyes twinkle like the stars in the sky!  My hero!

Mimi – Her love for me shows in so many different ways.  One way is, she makes me a lot of cute “girlie” things to wear!  I know that is a way she connects with me, probably like when Granna writes.  Even though they don’t get to hold me, it is their way to be close.  My hero!

Pops – You know, I think if anyone could handle my Pops, it would be me.  All I have to do is smile!  I’ve been watching and know he is my gentle giant!  My hero!

Idgie –When she talks to me, I can hear her heart.  It’s a big one!  She has the biggest heart of anyone I know!  My hero!

PawPaw – My play-time partner!  Granna says he is a kid at heart!  I already knew he was because when he visits me our hearts leap at the same time!  Ready to play in the arms of PawPaw!  My hero!

Now Granna is writing this for me and she is probably thinking how weird it would be for her to say that she is my hero!  Too funny!  Oh well…that’s Granna.

My Aunt Shanda and Aunt Krissy – The ones who signed up to spoil me!  It bothers me that their hearts are breaking because they don’t see me smiling.  Well, if these tubes were out of my way, they would see a great big smile!  They must know my heart smiles!  I love it when they visit!  My heroes!

My Pastor, Jason - I'm so glad he let's God use him to give mommy and daddy what they need through His word.  And he was awesome at my first church service!  My hero!

My doctors and nurses – I am so thankful for them.  It makes me happy when they say they have missed seeing me.  Even though at times I have a scowl on my face, I hope they know they are each a hero to me!

a person of extreme admiration and devotion – This is the very first hero I met.  His name is Jesus.  I do admire him and have been totally devoted to him!  He is the reason I live!  He is my beginning and my end!  What is so wonderful is that my family already knew him, too!  He should be everyone’s hero!  As much as I love all those people I mentioned, I love him so much more!  As much as all those others have done for me, he has done so much more!  Jesus Christ, my greatest hero!

If you look into my eyes you will hear me say, “Thank you.”  If you look into my soul you will hear me singing praises to Jesus Christ.  If you look into my heart you will see me smile.  I am thankful for my heroes!

Heroes often possess special qualities such as unusual beauty and skills in many crafts. They defy pain and death to live fully, creating a moment's glory.  Briley FAITH has a beauty that has been exposed through facebook, through prayer, through others telling her story.  A beauty that has become her voice.  This unusual beauty has made us all happier and closer to God.  Briley FAITH tells the story of who God is and what He has done in such a skillful, purposeful way.  Although Briley FAITH has been in much pain and close to death, she has lived a life fuller than most of us and has shown the glory of the Lord greater than I.  Briley FAITH is my hero!

But, just like Briley, I have a greater hero who also is, Jesus Christ!  He is greater than the greatest, stronger than the strongest, mightier than the mightiest, and has more love than the world could ever give.  Jesus, my hero!

Heavenly Father,

You are my all in all!  You are everything!  You are my hero!  You deserve all the glory and praise for all You have done!

There are many heroes in our lives.  Please help me to remember to thank them all before I leave this earth.  If I forget, I pray they see my heart.  You are my greatest hero!  Thank You for being everything I need.  I can call on You at any time and You are there!

We have always trusted You with Briley FAITH.  Today is no different.  Your will, Your way, is perfect!  We trust you can put a blanket of Your healing power on her!  Thank You for holding her in Your arms of love.

Through the blood of the lamb I come asking forgiveness of all my sins!  AMEN!

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