Friday, November 23, 2012


1 Peter 2:2-3

Like newborn babies, you must crave pure spiritual milk so that you will grow into a full experience of salvation. Cry out for this nourishment, now that you have had a taste of the Lord’s kindness.

“If food were for thought, then I would be skinny!
I eat without thinking!” 
During one of my moments of making sure there was not one Oreo cookie left in the package, I wrote those words down and created a refrigerator magnet.  Today, the day after Thanksgiving, I realize that Thanksgiving meals are the continual eating without thinking!  Lots of food to feast on, graze, feast, and graze again!  Sound familiar? 

Our Thanksgiving day started out with the first meal being at the hospital.  This delicious meal was provided by Leslie, a precious servant of God!  What a wonderful way to start; thanking the Lord for the meal, His goodness, and for Briley FAITH and the blessings from the circumstance!  In the waiting room gathered around the tables with me were Josh, Crystal, Jude, PawPaw, Boompa, Mimi, Aunt Shanda and Cara.  We asked others in the waiting room to join us and a few did.  It was all very nice.

My dessert was down the hall in the last room on the right.  That’s right, a beautiful lump of sugar!  Her name is Briley FAITH and she was also having a feast (via tubes); “Le’ Flow of Milk”.  The perfect meal for her.  In fact, her nourishment has been so good for her that within six days she went from 7lbs, 8ozs to 8lbs, 4ozs!  After dessert, PawPaw and I left with smiles and a thankful hearts!  Now, on to the next meal!

The trek is a little farther but it was worth the drive over the hills and through the woods...literally!  The Turner house was filled with family, friends, food and laughter!  Well, not so much laughter for our guys during the football game.  I don’t know why they put themselves through so much torture watching the Dallas Cowboys lose again and again.  I cringe and smile at the same time when I hear them yell at the T.V.!  The meal and fellowship was more than wonderful!  We sure enjoyed ourselves!  David and I left full and thankful to have been invited!

As wonderful as those meals were, nothing comes close to God’s nourishment for our souls.  I have stayed consistently at His table more in the last six weeks or so than I think I ever have.  Through the Briley Faith journey I have learned so much about feasting at God’s table.  My favorite part of this feast I call the “bread crumbs”.  It is looking for what we normally would miss.  Reading between the lines.  Picking up the treasures.  Slowing down and breathing Him in.  Watching for His bread crumbs that lead to His throne.  These bread crumbs are filling and each one taste better than the last.  Encouragement.  God’s favor.  Grace and goodness.  Then, before long, He is our constant.  Looking for His bread crumbs and craving Him more.   Feasting, grazing, feasting, and grazing again.  Staying in His presence.

It was never in my thoughts after Briley FAITH was born that I could ever be so full of God’s goodness!  But, His fullness did not come until I was empty of myself.   With each day of uncertainty I had to trust Him more.  When that happened, I began seeking, looking, and expecting all good things!  I began feasting on His flow of milk and honey!  The perfect nourishment!  In Him ALL is good!  God’s goodness is the strength He gives as we lean more on Him.  God’s goodness is the hope of not just bright tomorrows, but bright “right nows”!  God’s goodness lets me know His will for Briley is prosperity, hope and a future!  The same for you and me!  God’s flow of nourishment allows us to experience the fullness of His salvation!

God’s food is for thought!  To have the mind of Christ!  God’s word satisfies!  Lose to self and gain all Christ has to offer at His table!  The craving for His spiritual milk will become so strong that before long, you will be eating
without thinking.

Heavenly Father,

Let me pull up a chair to Your table of goodness!  I want more of You!  Thank You for all You have to offer!  Thank You for always having enough!  No one is ever turned away from Your table!  Everyone is invited! 

Father, I thank You for giving Briley FAITH all You have to offer!  I thank You for giving Josh, Crystal and Jude all You have to offer!  We are receiving the fullness of Your salvation!  Thank You!  I thank You for the abundant joy that flows from Briley’s little room!  Thank You for feeding me many times in there! 

Sometimes the road does take us over the hills and mountains; through the wilderness of uncertainties.  But, the table is always set to feast upon Your strength, Your peace, Your goodness!  Thank You!
The fullness of your salvation begins with Jesus Christ.  Thank You, because of this sacrifice, I am satisfied. 

Through this precious blood sacrifice, cleansing me of all my sin, I enter Your gates with thanksgiving!  AMEN!

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