Wednesday, November 21, 2012


2 Corinthians 5:7
For we walk by faith, not by sight.

A normal day at the hospital involves a lot of walking to get to Briley FAITH’s room.  For those of you who don’t know about this walk, I will enlighten you.   

Finding a parking space has never been too hard for me.  I think it is because I sometimes have my grandson, Jude with me and he always gives Jesus thanks for the parking space as soon as we pull in!  “Thank you, Jesus!” he exclaims!  Simple thanks.  So, the parking isn’t hard and it is not very far to walk to the front door.  Beyond the entrance are some of the longest halls I've ever seen.  It could be I'm just older!

Here I go.  Sometimes when I approach the doors to enter I feel like I am in the “Nutcracker” movie!  There are usually two really tall, friendly guards who stand proud.   Tall toy soldiers on duty.  Ready to help any need.  They do a great job!  Their friendliness is the fuel I need to get me down the long, long halls.

Through the doors I look to my left; Admissions.  A parent’s reality, “My child is really sick.”  To my right is a red wagon filled with little, warm, cozy hats.  Part of what is on the sign reads, “Please take a hat.”  My heart sinks assuming it is mainly for those boys and girls who are fighting cancer.  Further on to my right is what I call “The Bridge of Wishes”.  On both sides are little pools of water formed from a fountain.  Many children making wishes.  Parents saying prayers.  Gleaming up at me are shiny pennies, dimes, nickels, quarters… wishes still waiting to be fulfilled.  I wonder what they are saying…  My heart breaks.

A few more steps lead me to the typical, yet needed gift shop/convenience store.  Cards to choose from that say what is needed for that labeled moment for someone.  Or even just to read for your own encouragement.  I place my bottled water on the counter.  In my peripheral vision I notice a truffle staring at me!  As my mouth begins to salivate I scramble for change to give to the clerk so I don’t give in to the temptation!  Done.  Whew!  Moving on…

Follow the red line down two halls until it ends.  Okay, I can do that.  I glance down and see red electrical tape lying flat and perfectly on the concrete floor.  My feet follow, and follow and follow.  Oops!  Excuse me!  Can’t keep the head down…  The red tape has come to a halt!  Okay, still with me?  Turn right and this hall leads us to the “Pink” elevator.  This hallway is wide and long.  Two televisions hang on the walls with medical news, etc to view. Or, I guess it is to make you feel like you’re not alone walking the long, quiet hallway!  Turn left and there stands the “Pink” elevator!  She opens her doors and delivers us to the 3rd floor.  We are here. NICU.  Our new normal.  To get to Briley’s room there is still one hallway left to trod.  Our gift is at the very end of this hallway.

So far I have told you about the trail.  But now I want to share the trials that fill the empty space.  These hallways tell the stories.  Let your mind take you there.  A parent is pulling their child in a wagon for the next chemo treatment.  A decorated wheelchair holds a little girl as her mom gives encouragement to someone else.  Red wagons pulled with love.  Tired faces.  Tears.  Prayers.  Hopefulness. 

I walk that last hallway to Briley’s room.  A baby cries.  Yes, I have wished that was her cry.  It would mean her lungs were working.  Pressing on.  To my left a mother in a rocker gives her baby a bottle.  Not, Briley.  A tube feeds her.  I used to think this hallway seemed to be the longest because of the sounds and the view.  Life can get that way.  But, it is our choice how we view or how we listen to what surrounds us.  Only by choice do we color the walls gray.  Only by choice do we look at life blind.  Wishing instead of trusting.  Seeing ashes instead of beauty.  Stumbling in the dark means we are walking alone.  Feeling our way through, pushing away the guiding light that longs to lead.

It didn’t take long before I chose to listen in gratefulness and look from God’s point of view!  I trust YOU!  I see YOU!  I hear YOU!  I am walking the hall of faith to see our bundle of joy YOU made perfect in EVERY way! 

God also made me aware it takes faith for anyone to walk these halls.  To pull those red wagons.  To push the wheelchair.  To pick up a free hat.  To admit their child is sick.  Some have faith.  Some don’t.  Those who don’t are watching the ones who do.

I enter the doors of the hospital differently now.  Ready to show God is faithful.  To lead those who stumble to the One who gives hope. 

Instead of walking with my head down I will look up to the One who walks the halls with me. 
Briley's mommy and daddy
walking in faith.
Heavenly Father,

You are the light that leads the way!  You are the One who carries me when I can’t walk.  I praise You! 

All those faces I have smiled upon and passed on by, all those children who are struggling, oh Father I lift them up to You right now!  I pray they feel your comfort and strength.  I pray their parents feel the peace only You can give!

I can only smile anymore when I think of Briley FAITH.  You, Father, put that smile on my face because of Your faithfulness!  I continue to pray for Your perfect healing, Your perfect will for Briley.

With You by my side, whether walking the hospital halls or walking this life, I choose to walk in faith.

Through Your precious Son’s blood I come to You in prayer.  AMEN!

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