Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Isaiah 61:10-11
I will greatly rejoice in the Lord; my soul shall exult in my God, for he has clothed me with the garments of salvation; he has covered me with the robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decks himself like a priest with a beautiful headdress, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.  For as the earth brings forth its sprouts, and as a garden causes what is sown in it to sprout up, so the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to sprout up before all the nations.

There is something about those good ol’ country stores that draw me to them like a magnet with unseen force pulling and attracting an innocent paper clip.  That’s right, I am  an innocent paperclip.  The magnetic force that Cracker Barrel has on me is overbearing.  I have to give in.  My husband thinks it is the pinto beans and cornbread that is the magnetic power that pulls me in.  Well, I have to confess, it is the store that is so conveniently next to the restaurant.  Once I am in the store, the force of the current stops.  Finally, I’m there, strolling in the midst of nostalgia, my childhood, the past.   Recently, there was one particular evening that suddenly my past fast forwarded to my now.

The aimless strolling stopped at a section of the store where hanging on the rack were the most adorable fall dresses for little girls.   My hand slowly reaches out to lift one off the rack as my feelings inside sink to my feet.  I can’t move.  The weight of the anguish, hurt, and the pain of “why not”, stop me in my tracks.  Holding this dress my granddaughter, my beautiful butterfly, my little princess, my Briley FAITH will never get to wear. 

But God.  Even in my moments of faithlessness, He is faithful!  My mind fast forwards once again.  My steps are light, now walking in the hope of “what if”.  My “what if” is that only God knows the plans for when man removes her life support, man’s oxygen.  As I look at another rack, this time it’s bows.  Looking to see if there is one to match the dress, you know, just in case I need to come back and get it!  You see, even after the ventilator is removed, God’s hand is still on this precious child.  His precious child!  God can still decide to heal her!  Our “now” doesn’t see that leaving her here with us is His decision.  But, we don’t know that, do we?  If He chooses, He can breathe life in her; He can be the only oxygen she needs! 

A peace overtakes me, a smile accessorizes my face.  Entering my mind is the hope of   “I know”.   I know, right now, Briley FAITH is clothed in blessings!  Right now, I know she wears bows better than anyone!   I know if God decides to send for her, that I will one day see her again!  He clothed me, too!  I also know God’s clothing line never wears out or goes out of style.  His grace is the perfect fit for all of us.  He has a robe hanging on the rack and a beautiful headdress to match, for all who believe in the Maker.

Heavenly Father,

Thank You, that one day I will be with You in glory!  Thank You that Your grace fits us all!  It is one size fits all!  Master designer I come to You clothed in the blood of Your only son, Jesus Christ, asking forgiveness and praising in thankfulness!

As spectators of Your work, we are in awe seeing how You continue to use Briley, clothed in Your blessings, adorned with a bow, walking the runway of FAITH.  Showing us all Your perfect design.  Not a stitch out of place.  Your way is perfect. 

I pray, Father, that as I walk that same runway of life all will see You, my Designer, my Maker.

In Your Name I Pray.  AMEN!

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