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Oh, how I miss my daddy.  He was a passionate preacher, caring husband and a loving dad with a very dry sense of humor!  His mischievous smile and conniving laugh...I’m hearing and seeing like it was yesterday.   To me, he "hung the moon"!  Looking at his picture I remember holding his hand through life.  As a little girl, I looked up to him, way up to him, when he held my hand walking up the steps into the church.  Then, pretending I could fly, I would leap in mid air off the picnic table, our jungle gym, in our backyard knowing his strong hands would catch me each time.  As I grew up, bigger choices and challenges were before me.   But, that was okay because it seemed his hands got bigger, also.  Nothing was ever too big or challenging for my daddy.  He would always have an answer and hands that held on to me no matter how old I was.  I was still his little girl.  When he held my hand I knew everything was going to be okay.  He taught me to leap in mid air, to trust God.  My daddy, a source of strength with gentle hands held on to the Lord while holding my hand!  My last words to daddy, a constant in my life, were from the 23rd Psalm.  The Lord is my Shepherd…He leads...He restores…He guides…He comforts.  

How true those words still are today!  Looking at a picture of Briley holding on to her daddy’s hand, I was reminded once again…

Briley FAITH’s daddy, passionate for Christ, devoted husband, loving father, strength and wisdom in his quietness.   As a spectator in Briley’s hospital room, I look on.  Her eyes smile at the one she thinks "hung the moon'!  Daddy holds his precious little girl, her little fingers clasped tightly around his.  He tells her, “It’s okay.  Everything’s gonna be alright.  Daddy loves you.”  Gentle strength.  As she gazes up into his eyes I feel she is saying, “I trust you, daddy.”  Hand in hand, daily leaping in mid air.  Daddy hangs on to his Heavenly Father with one hand and his baby girl with another.  An extension of strength…guidance…restoration…comfort.   

The Shepherd wants us to “lie down”, to enjoy peace and quiet.  To rest and revive in the midst of our storms.  His pastures are nourishing, He replaces our tears with springs of living water.  When we hold on to and are led by our Heavenly Father, goodness and mercy will follow.  We are safe in the Father’s hands, the One who really hung the moon.  He just wants us to look to Him and say, “I trust you, daddy.”

Psalm 23
“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.  He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters.  He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness
For His name’s sake…”

Heavenly Daddy,

You are my constant!  My Shepherd!  My Guide!  My Provider!  My Protector!  I thank You!  I have access to all of You because of the price paid by Jesus Christ!  An extension to You.  To Your hands of mercy.  Strength in my weakness, holder of my tears, please restore my soul as I hold on.

Every day of Briley’s life has been a leap of FAITH.  Father, I know You have not let go of Briley.  Your hand can still present a miracle!  I know You have not let go of Josh, Crystal and Jude, for I see Your strength displayed!  Every one of us have our hand clasped around Yours knowing her life is in Your hands.  Still holding on, still believing, still leaping in faith, still looking up and crying out, “I trust you, daddy!”

I pray those who don’t know You, those who don’t have a hand to hold, will take that leap of FAITH and find that You have been there all along.   That it's okay and everything's gonna be alright.  Jesus, The Good Shepherd, loves them and they can trust You, too. 

In Your precious, holy name I pray.  AMEN!

Do you know The Shepherd I am talking about?  If not, let me lead you to Him.  Please email me at  He’s longing to hold your hand.
Briley FAITH holding her daddy's hand.

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