Friday, November 16, 2012


Isaiah 64:8
But now, O Lord, You are our Father; we are the clay, and You are our potter; we are all the work of Your hand.

As I write, my precious grandson, Jude, is at the hospital painting a pottery piece.  This special piece of clay is to remember Briley FAITH by.  As she lies in her little glass case, her bed, surrounded by cards of encouragement, prayers, and a peace that fills the room, big brother is at her side ready to paint.  Several colors to choose from, yellow, orange, blue, green…brown, pink, black, purple.  Paint brush in hand, he begins as she listens.  Stroke after stroke the blank canvas of pottery becomes a masterpiece of a brother and sister love.

Briley’s life is one of uniqueness...only God.  The genetic disorder she has is Spinal Muscular Atrophy/SMA.  She was diagnosed with Type 0 (zero), which is the severest and rarest form.  In fact, we have been told only 8 in 100,000 have had this disorder.  The doctors and even the representatives of the SMA organization who were  spoken to had not heard of SMA Type 0.  That's why it's hard for Briley's parents to find other parents who have dealt with this.  There is no cure.

But listen, even though there is no cure, through this, Briley FAITH has introduced to the world, The Healer, The Savior, The Potter.  THE ONE WHO CURES!  He molded her perfectly to tell The Potter’s story.  No cracks, no defects, the perfect piece.  This perfect piece of God’s work speaks of THE PEACE that passes all understanding!  The hands that want to hold YOU!  This way, that way, around and around she turns, trying to get the story out!  Please listen!  With each spin on the Potter’s wheel it is as if Briley is facing each one of us and saying, “He’s gentle.  Let Him hold you!  Rest in His hands.  His purpose is perfect.”

Jude concentrates as he uses the colors given to him.  Patiently placing each stroke to perfection as he knows it.  Gently giving life to the piece of pottery that represents his love for Briley.

We are all lumps of ordinary clay.  But, God, our Potter has a plan, an end product in mind.  Hands of grace continually working.  Gently molding.  Holding our life as it turns.  Shaping.  Forming.  A purpose.  A vessel.  Giving us life to tell The Potter’s Story, just like He has Briley.

Josh and Crystal, Jude’s and Briley’s parents, throughout have been on that same Potter’s wheel.  They have gone through the molding and the fire and always come out sharing God’s peace.  The same peace He gives them, He gives me…He will give to you.  God can take your life of broken pieces and make something beautiful.  He will not discard your hurts, your brokenness!  The Potter reforms and remakes because you have a story to tell, too!

Briley FAITH has been placed on The Potter’s wheel.  Life spins, yet she's resting in His hands.  Then through the fire this ordinary piece of clay becomes extraordinary.    Unique...only God.  

God’s masterpiece tells the story that cures all.

Heavenly Father,

Creator, Designer, Master!  Lord, King of Kings, Potter!  We praise You!

Thank You, for Briley FAITH!  She is a perfect creation, molded to Your making!  A masterpiece with a mission!  Oh how I wish everyone would listen to the story she is telling!  Please! Please, Father I cry!  I know You won’t let this hurt be wasted!  Thank You for using broken pieces!  Whether for here or with You, I know You will heal her to Your perfection!  So, I pray once again for Your healing power to channel through Briley's, Your willing vessel's, little body.  I sing praises to You, the One who cures all! 

Forgive me for not being as pliable as I should and allowing You to mold every part of my life!  Please forgive me.  I know time after time I have fallen off the shelf into the hands of the world.  Spinning in busyness.  Tossed about.  Broken.  But, each time if I allow my heart to bend, become as clay, You pick me back up, and say, “Let’s begin again.”  Thank You, my Potter, my Maker!

I pray that those whose hearts are hard to life will let go, let You hold them and know Your purpose is perfect.

Through Your son, Jesus Christ, I come.  AMEN!

About 13 years ago I purchased what has become one of my favorite all-time cds.  One song on it is called “The Potter’s Hand”.  Little did I know many years later it would be ministering to me once again.  I have attached a link and pray it also ministers to you.

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