Wednesday, November 14, 2012


BRILEY FAITH:                         Beauty; Kindhearted; Noble; Complete Trust
BABY’S BREATH (the flower):  Purity; Kindness; An Upright Grower; Hardy

Leaning down, looking into those big beautiful eyes, I talk to an anchor in my life, one who keeps me grounded, a foundation of faith, one who stands taller than I do; Briley FAITH.  Although she is a great listener, she says so much more.  I listen to her breathe, each breath speaks...

Though delicate, light and airy, Baby’s Breath is a perfect ground covering, able to withstand short-term drought.  No wonder it represents happiness!  Oh, how Miss Briley, though tiny and tender, yet an overcomer!  Today’s drought is temporary, tomorrow’s joy is eternal!

Baby’s Breath fills the voids in a beautiful bouquet.  Although breathing is hard for Briley FAITH , well, just right now, it is, she is the gentle whisper in the wind of any doubts.  How quickly she reminds us that we are here to fill in the gaps, the voids, the doubts others may have.  We are all “fillers”.  To attend to a need.  Add encouragement to someone’s day.  Say a prayer.

Looking at Baby’s Breath, very deeply rooted, I can’t help it as I glance upon my little flower to know she is, too!   Briley FAITH, noble and strong!   

Have you ever noticed that the tiny little flower, Baby’s Breath, is a perfect backdrop for wildflowers?  Throughout Briley FAITH’s life, she has been the perfect backdrop for those in need.  Her strength backs us all.  Her gentleness says, “I’m not far away.”  Through the ugly of the world, she makes us all feel beautiful.

Another interesting fact about Baby’s Breath is it is also known as a Genus; each flower is different but has a common characteristic.    We are all different.  A common characteristic for God's children, His bouquet, is FAITH.  Faith in the unknown.  Faith we will be able to withstand the droughts of life.  Faith that wherever God plants us there is a purpose. 

I lean down once again.  Listening to her breathe knowing each breath is from GOD, THE BREATH OF LIFE.

John 14:6
Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

Heavenly Father,

You are our breath!  Our lifeline!  Our reason to live!

Thank You, for the reminders we receive every day that You are real!  That You are our strong tower!  That You are gentle and kind!  That You make life beautiful!

I know You are in each breath Briley takes because PRAISE is exhaled!  Through this praise, lives are changed!  Your breath through her is giving life to others.  Oh, Father how precious is each one!  Our breath of life, as we all breathe You in, may we exhale praise! 

We know YOU are life!  May life fill-in Briley Faith’s physical gaps!  May Your presence live in her room and knees fall that have never fallen before.  Breathe life into those who finally see there is no life without You.

Covered by the blood, I ask forgiveness and present this prayer to You.  AMEN!

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