Sunday, November 11, 2012


Well, Granna is late getting the “dose” out today because I have been away!  I was invited to a celebration!  We wanted so many more to be able to come to celebrate with us, but, you know… hospitals are built for patients and not for parties…so space was limited. 

We celebrated Briley FAITH’s 1-month birthday!  The party was held at the hospital in an enclosed atrium-like area graced with beautiful greenery, park benches, and plenty of room for Jude, and his buddy, Ethan, to play with the race cars Mimi brought! The cake was so delicious!  Icing danced across shouting, “Happy 1 Month Birthday, Briley FAITH!  The guest list included Daddy, Mommy & big brother, Jude; Pops & Idgie; PawPaw & Granna; Boompa & Mimi; Aunt Shanda & Aunt Krissy; Earl, Gran & Aunt Kathy; and a few other good friends!  There were others invited that were not able to attend.

LET THE PARTY BEGIN!  The traditional, yet necessary, “Happy Birthday” song rang throughout with a hearty thankfulness!  Flashes, clicks, snap!  Say cheese!  Going about capturing the perfect picture, after picture, after picture, after picture….  OF COURSE, I had my camera out… along with mommy and several others!    

Oh, the fun doesn’t stop there!  Everyone got to see the gift, the one that was unwrapped on October 11, 2012!  The guests entered through her room in the “castle”, as big brother, Jude would describe it!  All eyes falling upon the precious gift God gave us, Briley FAITH!  Celebrating life!!  I’m so happy to be GRANNA!!!!

Even though, in this moment of celebrating the life of my granddaughter, my little love bug, my beautiful bright-eyed angel, with my heart dressed in pure joy… I know there is another celebration coming that is far greater than this!  Really, there is.

This is a celebration you WILL NOT want to miss!  In my soul of “I knows”, I can say I know I will be on this guest list.  My name is Redeemed!  Guess what? Everyone is invited!  Oh how I hope you will accept the invitation.  There is plenty of room!

When Jesus Christ returns, we will be celebrating ETERNAL LIFE!   The time is unknown to all.  It will happen as quickly as the twinkling of an eye, so, we have to always be ready.  No time to go to the store and get last minute party supplies, no time to change the outfit you want to wear, no time to work harder on the gift you wanted to bring, no time...

The invitation is always delivered on time, with plenty of time to decide if you want to attend.  If you choose to RSVP "yes", your name will be added to the Guest List, the Book of Life!

One right after another we will enter His courts with thanksgiving singing  “Holy is the Lamb!”  All eyes will be upon the One who sent the ultimate gift, His Son, Jesus Christ!  AND the food is fabulous – GRACE is served.  

Our gift – Briley FAITH has been unwrapped and her story shared with many.  The story of God’s grace, the story of FAITH.  Some might read this and think, “How can God use a child so small?  When I read about her, why do I feel there is a change I need to make?  When I hear the parents giving glory to God, why do I feel so ashamed?  Am I without?  Is there a choice I need to make?  Do I know the One everyone is talking about, the One they are celebrating?  Do I know the One Briley FAITH has come here for?  Do I?  Am I on that guest list?

JOHN 6:47
"Truly, truly, I say unto you, whoever believes has eternal life."

Heaven Father,

You are Holy!  You are majesty!  You are I AM!  Thank you for sending the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ!  Because of You, we have reason to celebrate!  Today is a gift, Briley is a gift, life here on earth is a gift, ETERNAL LIFE is the greatest gift!  Thank You!

All I can think of today is to smile and celebrate!  There are no tears in Heaven!  There is no pain!  There is no suffering!  Worry and fear do not live there!  Oh, how I want to go.  But until then, we will endure and do the work You have called us to do.

Father, Briley has endured.  Josh and Crystal have endured.  Jude has endured.  And yet, they celebrate!  Through the tears, through the pain, through the suffering, they celebrate You!  Because they have celebrated You, I know You will do the same for them, from glory to glory! 

Show us Your glory!  Show the strength in Briley’s muscles!  Show the lungs to full capacity!  Show us how You can breath healing into her!  Just show us something, Lord.   Please?

I know Your glory will reign! One day every knee will bow and all will proclaim You as Lord!  I know You sent Briley Faith to remind us that we are to spread the Good News!  To shout about Your coming!  To add to the guest list.

Through the blood of Jesus, I come.  AMEN!

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