Friday, November 9, 2012


I love balloons!  Red, green, blue, yellow…In fact, I will take one in EVERY color!  If you know me, you know I love very colorful things!  Balloons represent, fun, laughter, the “squeaky” voice (with helium), festivities, celebrations.  They also say, “I Care”, “Get Well”, “I Love You”, “You’re OLD!”. Or, some may have just flowers or a smiley face on them.  Whatever you need to say, you can make it happen with a balloon.

Balloons can serve in so many ways.  Tie them to a back of a chair for a birthday party decoration; combine them with a bouquet of flowers, use as a centerpiece for a celebration.  Let’s not forget the water balloon!  That one makes me smile.  Just plain fun! 

I enjoy watching children play with balloons.  Running through the fields, holding tightly to the strings, constantly looking to see them dance in the wind!  Then, hearing us parents say “Don’t let go!”

After a while, a balloon looses its air.  So much pull in the wind, bouncing this way and that, just leaves the balloon limp.  

Balloons are like prayers.  There are so many different types of prayers.  Prayers concerning your finances.  Prayers for finding a lost dog or something your husband misplaced!   Prayers for a lost loved one.  Prayers for the sick.  I’ve even said prayers for my miniature rose bush to live!  Hey now…my son gave it to me one Mother’s Day and I would have been heartbroken if it did not survive!  I planted it right outside my front door so I would not forget to pray for it! It lived!  Until we had to move and it did not survive the move…  Whatever needs to be said, we can make it happen with a prayer.

Prayers serve a purpose.  To fill in the gap.  To gain strength.  To reach the Master.  To find an answer.

As we have been running to the throne with our balloons, our prayers for Briley FAITH, we are charging the gates with everything we’ve got!  So many of us!  A balloon cluster of prayers!  Running!  Different colors, different languages, and although praying for the same, can be said differently by all.  Running constantly.  The wind of the Holy Spirit carrying each prayer straight to our Father, the One with the answer.

We have been praying for Briley 30 days. Running in the fields of unknown, ups and downs, smiles and tears.  Good news, then really bad news.  Although balloons and prayers have similarities, there is one difference.  Prayers only go limp when we stop running.  DON’T LET GO!

My friend, Diane, sent me a testimony of prayer (link to video is below) that will encourage you to press on.

It is God’s choice, His will, as to the future of our little angel, our Briley FAITH.  But, one thing I do know is that one of the options that He could STILL decide to choose from, is to hand her a miracle!

Hebrews 10:35-37 

“Therefore do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward.
 For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God you may receive what is promised.  For, 
yet a little while, and the coming one will come and will not delay…”
 Heavenly Father,

I come to You through the precious blood of Your son, Jesus Christ; the one who ran to You saying “Father, forgive them…”  I come to You asking forgiveness.

Oh, Maker of mountains!  Creator of valleys!  Nothing catches You by surprise!  You have no fear and no fuss!  Because You KNOW.  Imagine that!  I know You!  I know the Knower! 

Since I know You and what You have done before…Since I know You never change and today is no different… Since I know all that, I know the Holy Spirit is still carrying the prayers to You.  I know with You we will never run out of strength, endurance, Your love.  So, I say thank You!

Thank You that I can run to You as many times as I choose with my cluster of prayers for Briley FAITH.  Prayers carried by Your wind.  I'm running and WILL NOT LET GO!  Yes, I have let go of her to Your will, but, none of us have seen the blueprint of her life.  What I do know is there are still balloons, there are still bows, there are still songs to sing, there are still prayers to pray.

You, the Knower, can heal and that’s what my heart desires.  So, we won’t stop running to You with prayers for Briley FAITH.  Whatever Your decision, wherever the greatest glory for You is, that is where we will rest.  Until then, I'll keep running and won't let go.

In Your Holy name I pray.  AMEN!

A Texas Cowboy Story - The Power of Prayer

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