Thursday, November 8, 2012


After yesterday’s news of Briley having SMA, I had a lot of pauses, all I could see was that today’s blog would be blank as if to say, I don’t know what to say.  But, today, right now, until the Lord returns, there will always be something to say and prayers to pray.  My purpose.  Your purpose.  To proclaim His name!

Romans 8:28

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.


Hi!  My name is Briley Faith and this is my story.

Yesterday mommy and daddy heard something that me and Jesus knew all along.  But, let me start this story from the beginning.  You will love it! 

The moment I was in mommy’s belly, I met Jesus.  He told me that I am a miracle created by God.  A miracle that some babies never get to experience.  Just because I was an embryo, I still had a name.  Jesus called me a child of God, created in His image with a purpose.  Mommy and daddy call me Briley Faith, their little girl who is supposed to look like mommy!  Many things about me were changing on the inside and mommy was keeping everyone on the “outside”  posted as to my growth.  She is so good at that.  So, me, the miracle, keeps growing, resting in the arms of my friend, Jesus.

While there, I learned about love.  Every time my big brother, Jude, put his ear on mommy’s belly, I felt his heart against mine.  Every time my daddy’s big, strong, warm hand was laying there on top, at the side, wherever his hand was, I felt strength and learned to stay strong.  I learned about praise as my mommy would sing to me, or sing while cleaning the house , and even at night as she put Jude to bed singing his favorite songs about my friend, Jesus.  Yes, I learned a lot and still am.

I was born October 11, 2012.  When I made my entrance to the world there was silence.  A pause. 

Wow!  Then I was wisked this way and that way!  What a rollercoaster!  It seems as if the doctors and everyone was surprised.  Hmmm…I wasn’t, Jesus wasn’t.  Nothing surprises God!  But, laid back, like my daddy, I just went with the flow.  The “flow” according to me, the miracle, the child of God, Briley FAITH!

The pause did not last too long before I started noticing that love, strength, faith and heard the songs of praise again.  This is great!  Besides that, I get to wear the most fabulous bows and hats, EVER!!! 

Again, though now in the world, I hear the love in my big brother’s voice when he talks to me, I feel the warmth from daddy’s hands caressing my cheek and the strength in his arms when holding me.  I hear the soft melodies of praise my mommy sings to me with such gentleness.  I hope they know how much I love them!  Just like Jude, I love them to the MOST!  I have thanked God many times for the parents He gave me.  I am so glad I was born!

What?  There are others?  Yes!  I have a Boompa and Mimi!  I have a Pops and Idgie!  I have a PawPaw and Granna!  I have an Aunt Sissy and Aunt Krissy!  There are so many more!  I even have a best friend.  Her name is Olissa Hope.  Jesus is with her, too.  I love them all!

I have also learned something else in my short life.  I’ve learned about prayer.  I realized it is just like when I talk to Jesus.  I did notice that when I was in mommy’s belly, I could hear Jesus better.  A quiet place. 

I hear prayers about healing, prayers about strength, prayers about peace, comfort and grace.  I love it because I receive it all!  It is  like food to me.  It’s gotten to where I crave it!  I also hear prayers about a miracle healing.  A life here on earth.  Thank you all for those prayers. 

Oh and let’s not forget the stories I’ve heard since my birth! You know, the one about the guy who was saved!  The many who said their life has been changed! Those whose faith has grown! The ones who are thankful for what they have instead of what they wish they had!  You know, I’m just sayin’…

So, if God decides to leave me here with all of you, the miracle will continue and so will my purpose.  And we will have such a blast!  Playing with Jude!  Dancing in daddy’s strong arms!  Shopping for new bows with mommy!  Getting spoiled by my grandparents!  I’m ready! 

But, what I am also saying is I am already a miracle fulfilling my purpose.  Jesus said.


Mark 16:15

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.

Heavenly Father,

We praise You!  You are the only One we glorify!  You give us life!  Not just here, but life eternal!  Thank you!  Let Your glory shine through us!

Yes, again, we ask for a miracle for Briley!  WE STILL BELIEVE You can give her what she needs to breathe deeply and strong!  WE STILL BELIEVE Your healing power can flow through her little body!  Just because of the news we got yesterday doesn’t mean You changed today!  You NEVER change and we thank you, God, for that!  Yes, WE STILL BELIEVE!

She is in Your will.  We will follow Your way.  We will tell Your story.  Briley already has, without one word.  God, You are amazing!

In Your name, through the blood of Jesus, I come.  AMEN!

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