Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Psalm 119:105
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

As I roll out of "Point A" (aka - bed), the first thought is on Briley and family.  All other years before, this November morning I would have been wondering who our president is.  Not today.  Not now.  Yes, it matters, but, does it really?  As a child of God, I am neither right or left, I am centered!

My feet hit the floor and the usual begins.  Empty the bladder, brush hair, brush teeth, MAKE COFFEE!  Settled in my recliner with my first cup of "wake up" I read God's Word, the other "wake up".  

Have you ever not wanted to wake up?  Is there too much noise in your life?

Coffee has cleared the cobwebs from my mind and God's Word lights my path for the day.  Next...shower.

The shower...a peaceful place, a place to "come clean".  Quietly the water falls upon my head, but, why is it so noisy?  Not the noise from the shower, but life.  I "come clean".  My heart cries.  The water from the shower begins to mix with my tears.  With my hands covering my face my heart screams, "What can a mother do?"!  Why does my granddaughter have to go through this?  Why can't I fix the hurt I see in my son and daughter-in-love?  Oh...why?  The last 28 days flash pictures in my mind.  I see their tears, the pain in their face, the look of no rest, precious heads bent in need, hearts bowed to God. Oh...why?  Why, Lord?  More visions, such noise!  A vision of them opening the medical bills that lay in hope on their kitchen counter, their heads laying on the pillow awaiting rest that doesn't come.  Briley's bruises from being stuck by those needles.  Oh, Father, she is desperately trying to hold her hands up in praise to You!  Help her.  Help them.  Momma can't.  I turn off the shower.  The tears stop.  No more noise.  Cleansed.  

God's Word, my light.  Life looks different.  Peaceful reflections.  My son, Josh's caress to Briley's cheek.  Crystal's smile as she rocks her baby girl.  Jude's prayers for his baby sister.  Family surrounding them if they fall.  Friends standing guard ready to meet a need.  Josh and Crystal's love for each other and a greater love for the Lord.  Many lives all over the world being changed, including mine!  Then I hear my son say, "Mom, God's got this!" 

Heavenly Father,

Thank You that You are the cleansing we all need.  The perfect Lamb of God!  Prince of Peace.  Cleanser of my soul!  I come to You cleansed by Your blood!

We give You praise for the "good day" report on Briley from yesterday!  We praise You for the wisdom and discernment You will be giving Josh, Crystal and all the doctors as they meet today!  We praise You for the complete healing You have promised Briley; You have promised us all complete healing.  Thank You!  Thank You, that You are not only speaking to me about cleansing, but, to others out there that also may have tears to release.  Help them, Lord.  Remind them of Your peace and goodness.

Briley needs breaths and the ability to breathe deeply - You've got this!
Briley needs to swallow and gag - You've got this!
Briley needs muscle strength - You've got this!
Briley needs all You have to give - You've got this!

I will walk along the lighted path that You have already walked.  Trusting You from "Point A" back to "Point A" as I once again will lay my head in rest knowing You've got this!

In Your precious name I pray, AMEN!

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