Thursday, November 1, 2012


This particular posting I want to also dedicate to dear friends of Josh and Crystal.  Jason and Micah Tallent.  They were to adopt a little girl, Olissa Hope, in 2 months, and the birth mom just backed out. In their hearts, this IS their little girl. Jason and Micah, at this point, according to man, have lost their little girl. We are praying for restoration and the Voice of Truth to be heard for precious Briley FAITH and Olissa HOPE!!   It just so happens that one of the verses today is from the book of Micah, Olissa's mommy's name.
How many times have we all said "Daddy, are we there yet?"  While traveling on a vacation, headed to our grandparent's house to celebrate Thanksgiving with our relatives or just taking an adventure of right turns.  Such excitement.  Such unknown.  Such wonder.  Such laughter.  Stops along the way.  Views unseen before.  Something new even though the wait is the same.  The winds of anticipation cause the butterflies in my stomach to flutter uncontrollably as Daddy says, "Not there yet.".  So I gaze out the window.  Making the trip the best I can as I wait for daddy to finally say "We're here!".  Looking.  Longing.  Seeing things I had not seen before.  Up a hill, down a hill, around curves, sharp turns.  The same goes for life as a servant of God.  Trying our best to follow His way.  But, then, instead of being restless I decided to be still.   In this stillness I find my eyes looking through the windows of God's word.  Wait!  I found something new!  THERE ARE TREASURES IN THE TRIAL!  THERE IS HOPE IN THE WAITING!  THERE IS FAITH IN THE FINDING!   So, although a "road trip" in life can be bumpy and long, I will thank my daddy, my Heavenly Father, as I wait.

Micah 7:7
But as for me, I will look to the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation;
my God will hear me.

Philippians 4:6

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Heavenly Daddy,

Into Your courts we come in thanksgiving and praise!  We praise You that while on this journey there have been wonderful sights along the way!  You have shown us Briley FAITH's big, beautiful eyes!  Oh, and let us not forget the funny expressions she makes!  Thank You that mommy and daddy get to hold her!  AND some of us even get to go see her!  Thank You for the prayers and songs Josh and Crystal share with baby Briley FAITH as they hold her snug in their gentle arms.  Thank You that You are holding them in the same way!  Thank You for the smiles You give us each time we see a picture of Briley FAITH with a new bow on her head!  Thank You for the sweet spirit as Jude talks or sings to his little sister!  Thank You for each time we get to see something wiggle...even her ears, I have been told!  Thank You for already giving her a best friend, Olissa HOPE!  Thank You for who You are!  We thank You in advance for Your healing power You will reveal through Briley FAITH!  We thank You in advance for the Voice of Truth that will be heard and the reuniting of Jason and Micah with Olissa HOPE!

As we travel this road, we know You are always with us.   Although, many times we have all said, "Daddy, are we there yet?", our trust is in You that the joy we anticipated at the beginning will also be at the end.

Thank You that You traveled a road that led to the cross.  Because of Your travels, we can travel this road we are on.

I come to You through Your son's blood asking forgiveness of all of my sins. 

May Your Glory Reign!  AMEN!

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