Thursday, December 20, 2012


Psalm 27:4

One thing I have desired of the Lord, that will I seek: That I may dwell in the house of the Lord All the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in His temple.

Overwhelming joy opened my floodgates today as I think of God’s goodness!  So, how can it not be shared?  How could I not sit at my keyboard and tell the story?  There is no time for silence!  We are the voice.  The story must go on…

Standing in front of my life’s bookshelf I ponder… what will I read today?  Or will I write?  Probably both.

Dust is on the volume I pull off this shelf of life.  It is called “The Past”.  Every chapter and really every page includes the word “joy”.  As I read, it doesn’t seem I understood the full concept at that time of the joy God gave me.  When I read it today, I understand it more than in the yesterdays.  Which leads me to ask myself why is my joy seen more than His glory?

I look and look and so few times do I see Him glorified!  Turning page after page… it’s got to be there somewhere!  Oh why?  I’m so sorry, my Lord and Savior!  You deserved so much more than what I gave!  This is hard to face, but, I must read on. 

What if I had not had a wonderful Christian home to grow up in?  I would not have heard of this loving God at such a young age.  What if He had not sent His son, Jesus Christ, to die for us all?  There would not have been that Sunday night I went down the isle, fell into my daddy’s arms and accepted Christ as my Savior; chapter after chapter would not reveal the hand that is guiding my steps; there would be no arms holding me in those valleys; I would not know the joy I see on every page.  If I did not have my Savior, I would not have hope for my todays and tomorrows.  “Oh, Father, I have failed.  Please forgive me. I pray I can reflect your glory from the joy of my past today.”

Yes, I have more thankfulness today than I did in my yesterdays.  It might be spiritual maturity, it might be letting down the wall of pride, or it could be a number of reasons.  All I know is He must be glorified more than a forward or a footnote in my life.

Tears rolling down my face I set the book back on the shelf, exchanging it for “Today”…

In this volume of my life there are some days one would call a person’s past that are still my today.  My today will forever include my granddaughter, Briley FAITH.  God used her to help me see Him more clearly.  She became my eyeglasses to His glory.  So, now, I read life with those on. 

In my hands I hold “Today” and open up to tear-stained pages.  There are also pages earmarked as to represent the “bend” of our will and accepting God’s will for Briley FAITH.  Even in the hardest, darkest times when most would give up, lose hope and quit writing, her story continued.  Every page reflects His glory! As I turn the pages in these chapters, I am noticing as His glory becomes greater the tear stains become less.  Her life being a part of my story has helped me to focus on how my life should be written and read.

“Today” continually creates characters and a story line.  The pages are constantly turning as the writing continues with each breath that I take.  Oh how I pray that with each breath God is glorified!  There is a difference between a “lifeless” book and my life’s book.  In my life’s book, whatever is written cannot be edited; the ink is permanent.  Every word and every action is irrevocable.  Yes, I can ask  for forgiveness and write differently today, but the words of the past remain.  As I read on I see that this volume is open-ended; the break of the dawn begins the next chapter.  

While putting “Today” back in its place on the shelf I notice there is another volume called “Tomorrow”.  Curiosity reaches for it.  Can I really read about my tomorrows?  This could be very interesting.  In fact, I possibly could avoid a few tear stains on these pages if I just knew…

With a cup of coffee in hand I relax in my chair with “Tomorrow”.   Excitement builds as the book falls open… wow… such truth.  From reading the other volumes I assumed there would be details of my life I could read and prepare for by reading "Tomorrow".  It’s not there.  I am so thankful I know the Author of my life…

The “Tomorrow” storyline is unseen and the pages are not numbered. 

The only way to prepare for tomorrow, is to know Jesus Christ today.  I highly suggest reading THE book, the Bible.  There you will find He is the only one that can wipe away our pasts, get us through today and give hope for tomorrow. 

Someone said to me yesterday, “You know, Christ really hasn’t been in Christmas for years.”  Although it is true and very sad to me, it breaks my heart more knowing it is not just from Christmas He has been removed.  If we all read our life; the storyline, characters, our words, our actions...  we will find that the one who should always be the main character, Jesus Christ, isn’t always there.  He's been left out.

Do you know that even though my life does not always reflect God’s glory, He has my name written in the Book of Life to never be erased?(Revelation 3:5)  In the readings on my life's bookshelf, I also noticed that even though I have not always included Him in my daily walk He always included me.

Together let’s reflect His glory not only at Christmas, but every day of our lives.

Heavenly Father,

In everything I do, I pray Your name is glorified!  At the break of dawn tomorrow I want to read that today I gave You glory in every word and action of my life!

Thank You for Your forgiveness!  You forgave my past!  You will forgive anyone’s past!  We are all sinners and all we have to do is come to You!  If there are lost who are reading this blog that don’t know You, I pray they ask forgiveness and receive You today.

None of us are promised our next breath and that is why it is important to know You, the Author of Life, right now, today.

In Jesus’ name I pray.  AMEN!

If you would like to know this Savior, our only answer, our only hope, please email me at and I will be glad to share the story.  It's my FAITH ASSIGNMENT.

John 3:16
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

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