Sunday, December 16, 2012


 1 Thessalonians 5:10
Christ died for us so that, whether we are dead or alive when he returns, we can live with him forever.

It is no surprise to me that this would be my hardest post on the blog I have ever done.  For more than thirty minutes I sat here at my desk before I could even pull out the keyboard and start typing.  Praying… seeking… praying…  emptying…  What do I say now?  The story hasn’t changed and I must let God speak, once again.  My heart then gives my fingers permission to touch the keys.  I now type with a greater urgency.  This new direction of boldness came because God used Briley FAITH to get me to this point in my life.  In honor of her, I continue…

“Go to sleep, wake up!” is what I have said many times to my children, grandson, Jude, and then a few times to  my granddaughter, Briley FAITH.  With excitement I would repeat those words times the number of days it would be before I would see them again!  So, if it were two days, I would say, “Go to sleep, wake up!  Go to sleep, wake up!”  I always longed for the last “wake up” day!

Briley FAITH had her last “wake up” day on December 11, 2012 when she closed her eyes and woke up in heaven.   Until now, I never thought of death as a last “wake up”…

At Briley FAITH’s celebration of life yesterday, her Pops read a poem entitled “The Dash”.  In this poem the dash refers to the hyphen that appears on almost every tombstone; the hyphen that is placed between the person’s date of birth and the date of their death.  The dash represents our life and how we have spent our time here on earth. 

We celebrated Briley FAITH’s “purpose fulfilled” life in a beautiful church sanctuary.   With all the colorful flowers and garden of bows her Idgie said she thought it looked like a stained glass cathedral!  She was right!  The music bounced off the stained glass with each note bowing in praise!  Hands were lifted high to the One to whom all glory is given!  Words that were spoken were healing ointment for the brokenhearted and hope for the lost.  The family sat boldly in the pews resting on a foundation of faith.  God was with us.

When the worship service came to an end, friends, co-workers, many prayer warriors and family formed the condolatory line.  One by one gifts of heartfelt expressions of sympathy and tears adorned with a bow were left with Briley FAITH’s mommy and daddy as they stood at her side.  It was the next person in line whose words paused the procession… “I want Jesus!”  While Briley’s mommy was holding and ministering to this hungry soul, behind her I could see daddy praying.  When Briley FAITH’s Great Aunt Kathy raised her head, just by looking I could tell Christ now lived within her heart!  I praised, I pondered… hmmm… wow… she is a significant part of Briley FAITH’s dash!  A dash that is full of changed lives because she shared the story of God’s grace and faithfulness with thousands!  What a legacy to leave behind at 61 days old!

Although this poem, “The Dash” was a magnifying glass on my life in the “now”, it was what Pops added to it that is brought back to my mind today.  He said, "We have our date of birth, the dash, then our date of death.  I want to add to that a dot, dot, dot.” 

Wow!  Dot, dot, dot leads into “what’s next?”.  You see, our own personal journey does not stop when we close our eyes for the last time on this earth.  We will wake up somewhere.  It will be either heaven or hell.  The message is clear and the ending is plain and simple. 

I have several loved ones who have gone on before me, including my loving father.  But, this one, my granddaughter, my angel eyes, Briley FAITH really does get to me.  I never ever thought my grandchild would leave this earth before me.  But, she did.  Oh how I wanted so many more
“Go to sleep, wake up!” times!

Jesus came to this earth, died and rose again for you and for me! He left behind the greatest gift of all!  It's the gift of eternal life!  Since I received His gift, it guarantees  I will one day see Briley FAITH again!  I don’t know when, but there will be one last “Go to sleep, wake up!”  That day will be when I close my eyes and wake up in heaven.

Death is reality.  Eternal life is a choice.  Where will you wake up?

Heavenly Father,

How great is Your faithfulness!  How real is Your love!  All glory goes to You for the souls that have been saved and lives changed by using Briley FAITH.

Thank You that when Jesus Christ fulfilled His purpose, You gave us all a purpose like Briley FAITH.  That purpose is to continue to tell Your story of repentance and grace. 

I pray that my eyes are opened to those opportunities I receive daily to speak Your name; to take time with the ones who might be in line just trying to say “I want Jesus!”.   Help me to fill in my "dash" by fulfilling the purpose You have for me so others will know their dot, dot, dot.

Heaven is much sweeter now that my “angel eyes” is there.  How I look forward to my last “Go to sleep, wake up!”.

Through Your only begotten Son’s precious blood I come, asking forgiveness for all of my sins.  AMEN!


If you would like to know this Savior, our only answer, our only hope, please email me at and I will be glad to share the story.  It's my FAITH ASSIGNMENT.

John 3:16
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

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