Thursday, December 13, 2012


Psalm 66:8-9
Oh, bless our God, you peoples!  And make the voice of His praise to be heard,  Who keeps our soul among the living, And does not allow our feet to be moved.

Those eyes!  Big, beautiful, perfectly round eyes!  Oh how Briley FAITH’s eyes could talk.   Every day her message was the same; about God's grace.  But each day there was a newness in the story.  Like the dawn of the day...  We know the sun will rise, but each day brings us a new painting.  
I know as she laid in her little hospital bed she anxiously awaited for someone to show up so she could tell them what was on her mind!  Always, always talking with those eyes!  She was either, whispering, smiling, laughing, and I even think when her eyebrows raised it showed she could speak with boldness!  Those little angel eyes were going ninety to nothin’, always having something to say!  

I smile and chuckle as the vision of her in heaven plays in my mind...  Here she comes popping up out of nowhere, running here and there;  then talking to everyone along the way just like she did to us with her eyes!  On streets of gold, dashing around this one and that one, full of energy!  But, her main focus, as it has always been, is to bring honor and glory to God.  So, today, right now, I have no doubt she is running full speed ahead around the throne of God; shouting His name in Hebrew from the top of her lungs as loud as she can, now in full voice…

“Yahweh!  Yahweh!  All glory to You for what You have done for me!  Thank You for always being the strength I needed and the air I breathed! Thank You that Your love for me never changed!  Thank You for my complete healing!” 

With the same excitement she shouts again, “Yahweh!  Yahweh!  Thank You for giving me a mommy and daddy whose love kept me warm!  Thank You for their understanding when I couldn’t do more than I wanted!  Thank You that through the fire You gave them the strength to stand!  Thank You for a mommy and daddy that is not afraid to praise You!  Thank You for the many nights of them reminding me of Your sweet peace before they left the room.  Thank You that the last night was not the last night!”

Again… “Yahweh!  Yahweh!  Thank You for my big brother and his gentle spirit!  Thank You for our laughs together!  Thank You for the times he held my hand and cupped me in his arms!  Thank You that he loves me the way he does!” 

She raises her arms in praise and shouts again, “Yahweh!  Yahweh!  Thank You for my family who knows what family is!  My beautiful bouquet of flowers!  Thank You that I have so many!!”

“Oh, yes!  Yahweh!  Yahweh!  Thank You for the ones who might call themselves strangers to me, but, I really do know them!  We got acquainted through their prayers!! 

Now her praises include an urgency, “Yahweh!  Yahweh!  If everyone would just see!  If everyone would just hear!  I know they would understand Your greatness, Your power, and Your glory!  Then the whispering of Your name would become shouting!  Oh, if they only knew what I know now, the life they’ve been given would be so different!  There would be change and an urgency to bring glory to Your name!   They would receive who You, Yahweh, really are.” 

Our little angel continues to run, around and around the throne she goes shouting, “Yahweh!  Yahweh!”

I can hear Briley FAITH singing this now...

Heavenly Father,

Yahweh!  I AM!  All glory to You for the gift of life You have given me here on earth!  Thank You that again, one day, I will see those beautiful big eyes of Briley FAITH! Thank You that You don’t give up on me!  There are so many details of my life that are not a surprise to You and You still love me.  I come through the blood that covers all sin and approach Your throne running… I need You.  I always need You.

As long as I am here I need to be running and shouting with urgency Your message that all must repent and receive Your grace through their faith.  I pray that all I do brings You glory!

I want to truly understand everything about You!  I want to see Your glory as I run the race; not as a bystander looking on.  The only way I can see who You are is to step away from who I am.  The finish line is getting closer; help me to run until...

In Your precious name I pray.  AMEN!

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