Thursday, December 6, 2012


Psalm 20:4
May He grant you according to your heart’s desire, and fulfill all your purpose.

A Poem For Briley FAITH

My Heart’s Desire

I want to hold you from evening till dawn;
to look into your eyes and listen all night long.
To listen again and again to the story you share
of God’s amazing grace and how much He cares!

When our eyes lock or yours dance to my voice
Peace enters my heart, a time to rejoice!
Praising together for all God has done
in using you to glorify the One!

I pray my eyes speak as loudly as your eyes do
Showing my love and that God’s word is true;
and that my actions display a spirit so sweet,
the same I feel when you are with me.

Can you hear what my heart is saying when I am near?
Such a love for you!  Does it speak loud and clear?
When I hold you in my arms I hope you can see
that the smile on my face is the joy that you bring!

Every time I look down on your beautiful face
I know you are God’s gift, a testament of faith.
 So much goodness I see when your eyes speak;
Is that what you hear when you look back at me?

So, my angel, my princess, my precious darling
My heart’s desire is
I’ve given you the same as you continue to give me.

With all my love, Granna

This poem and this blog is a voice for many.  I'm only the one who types.  If you could all be around the other grandparents; PawPaw, Boompa, Mimi, Pops and Idgie you would see that their hearts speak the same.

Briley's mommy, daddy and big brother also have shown the world their heart is a heart for God. 

Briley FAITH’s heart’s desire has been evident since the day she was born.  The desire to fulfill the purpose God has given her.  She has displayed strength, endurance, boldness and FAITHfulness to His calling.

That is God’s desire for us all. 

Heavenly Father,

You are my heart’s desire but I know many times it has not been evident to others.  Forgive me.  I know it is Your desire that I live according to Your purpose for me.  I pray I do so.

I’m humbled at seeing the work that’s been done through Briley FAITH, without one word.  I have a voice and the same message she has shared; I pray I am faithful to Your calling.

Your will, Your way, Your purpose is my desire.  My desire for Briley FAITH and my desire for me.

Through the blood of Jesus Christ I come.  AMEN!

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