Wednesday, December 5, 2012


John 11:35
Jesus wept.

Today, my tears flow differently…not from just my heart, but they are channeling out from the depths of my soul.  Coming from a place where you feel the tears more than see them.  Aching and longing…

The Briley FAITH journey has been full of both sadness and rejoicing.  The “mother thoughts” I am having today are reflecting on tears I’ve seen Josh and Crystal shed… on the decisions they’ve had to make as her parents… the news they’ve had to endure.  Sometimes I want to scream, “It’s just not fair!  Why do they have to go through this?  Why can’t I go through something in place of their trial?  Lord, give it to me, please!”  Then I regroup and rest… breathe and be still… and keep walking in faith.  You see, the strength God gives surpasses the tears I cry.  God has shown us far too much to ever doubt His plan.  So, I just tossed that burden back to Him.  Josh, Crystal and Jude will be fine.  We will all be fine.  But still, there is this ache in my soul that is different from those tears.  Searching… why the tears?

Most people know that the shortest verse in the bible is “Jesus wept.”  As the teardrops rolled down my face, I thought about when Jesus cried and told myself “It’s okay to cry.  Jesus did.”  Well, then it got me thinking about that verse.  Why did He mourn for Lazarus who He knew He was going to raise from the dead?  I know Jesus loved him, but, he knew Lazarus was going to be just fine.  So, why did He cry?  Through my read, I realized all around Jesus was unbelief!  His disciples misunderstood Him, Mary and Martha, Lazarus’ sisters, were upset because Jesus did not get there soon enough to keep their brother from dying; no one believed what Jesus was telling them… that He who is life is the One who gives lifeJesus wept because no one got it!  He was troubled because of their unbelief. 

It was then I realized why there are tears stirring in my soul…

Briley FAITH’s story has been heard by thousands.  The story of faith, the story of God’s grace… that you can have eternal life if you just repent and believe!  Time and time again someone is hearing the story!  This blog is reaching thousands and I rejoice.  But, I also cry for those who read and still don’t believe.  So many stories from family and friends have been told of God’s faithfulness and are ignored.  Even the recent news coverage on Briley had parts cut out where Josh shared about Christ and all HE has done!  What’s wrong?  They just don’t get it!  And that makes me cry…

It makes me cry because we have a Savior who gave His life for me and for you!  A Savior who’s love never ends and His grace covers all sin!  Still people are deaf to His plea to come.   I cry because my granddaughter, Briley FAITH, is telling the greatest story of all and suffering through it and I know there are some out there that are not listening.  

But, you know, Jesus did not give up because of unbelief!  He knew one day I and others would believe!  Briley FAITH’s story will continue on because there are those who WILL BELIEVE!

Over the years I’ve seen families on their knees shedding tears for their loved ones to believe.  I've even seen a teardrop seep from the corners of Briley's eyes.  I wonder if she is crying for those who aren't believing?  I also think there are teardrops in heaven because of unbelief.  So, I guess that just leaves me with one question.  Are they crying for you?

John 3:16
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Heavenly Father,

Thank You that You hear our prayers!  I come to You through the blood sacrifice that is so precious to me!  My heart is so dark and You love me, still. You amaze me! 

I am so thankful You respond to our cries!  You hear all those souls out there right now that are crying for You!  Who believe You are their only hope!  There are many who want to serve You more who are finally saying “Yes, Lord!”  Praise Your name! 

Our cries to You are tears of thankfulness for all You have done and will continue to do through Briley FAITH!  We can only be grateful.  We still believe You can hand Briley a miracle.  Your will is perfect.  Your way is grace.

May I always have a stirring in my soul for those who do not believe.  To always be available to tell Your story. 

In Jesus’ name I pray.  AMEN!

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