Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.

Have you ever read the story “Through The Looking Glass”?  It is a sequel to “Alice In Wonderland”.  The story is about Alice’s curiosity for what the world is like on the other side of the of a mirror’s reflection.  At the end of this story it goes on to imply life is but a dream. 

Yes, sometimes life gets hard and we end up in a land where we wish we had never traveled.  There are days when our dreams and reality crash… we want to step into a different world… erase and start over; close the blinds and hope the hurt will just disappear.  But, if life were but a dream, I would have a new life when I awake each day.  I don’t want a different life! I want my life!  I want the one God gave me!  If life were but a dream I would miss out on so much!  If life were a dream where would our treasures hide?  If life were a dream, the love I feel and the friends and family I have today would be gone tomorrow!  If life were but a dream I would not want to wake up, because that would mean what I have now really never was.

That is why God’s Word is my looking glass.  The map He has for me to follow is not part of a game.  It is not a dream; it is real.  He is my Savior and my guide, not an imaginary king.  Let me take you on an adventure through my looking glass.  Come on!

The first thing you will see as you step in to my looking glass are arms of love to greet you each day!  Those arms belong to Jesus!  As long as I begin each day with Him, the day’s map is easier to follow.  He is the perfect guide, knows the perfect way, and never lets go of my hand.  No matter how hard my life may seem, I have to have my Jesus; not a dream.

There are some who may take a peek through my looking glass and not want to step in;   especially lately.  They might only see heartache and tears formed as dark clouds and rain. But, it really isn’t what you are seeing, it is how you view it. 

So, if you see a car on the verge of breaking down, take a look again.  You will see a mechanic who understands tough times and gives the customer a break on the cost for repairs; you will also see the blessing God brings through friends who take care of that cost.

If you glance and see a memorial service for a loved one who has passed, I would look again.  It’s actually a picture of love, laughter and memories. 

Do you see the brother-in-law with cancer at stage 4?  If you take another look you will see a man in his 50’s thankful for his next meal. 

Don't stop!  There is more to see!   If you see no hope for a baby in NICU who is frail and on life support, you need to clean the mirror!  Look closely and you will see my granddaughter, Briley FAITH, sharing the hope you did not see.

Another thing you will notice is through my looking glass there are family and friends from everywhere on their knees in prayer and strangers are helping at ever turn making the days brighter!  I have to have my family, old friends and new friends.  I don’t want a dream.

Want to look at life differently?  Do you want to run in the fields and dance with the wind?  Do you want to jump without thinking?  Have you every soared like an eagle?  Guess what?  You can! 

Just open your Bible and you will see, you can have the same looking glass as me! 

Briley FAITH holding the
"Looking Glass" of Truth.

Heavenly Father,

You are great and mighty!  All Your works are a witness that You are my reality; You are real!  Praise You, God!!

I am so thankful Your Word is truth!  Thank You for Your promises within!  My heart still aches for Briley FAITH, her mommy, daddy and brother, when I look through these human eyes.  But, once I take another look through Your eyes, I see Your promises, peace and healing!

All glory to You!

In Jesus' name I come through the blood that is real!  AMEN!


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