Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Joshua 23:10
“…for the Lord your God is He who fights for you, as He promised you.”

Today I received another reminder of the sufficiency of God’s grace.  My grandson, Briley FAITH’s big brother, Jude started back to preschool today.  As we drove up and parked in front of his preschool, an adorable house that is a picture of love inside and out, we noticed some “tree trimming” going on across the street.  The trees had been weighted down from the snow and freezing rain we had on Christmas Day.  The heaviness was too much for this tree to survive as is.  Since Jude and I got there a little early we sat in the car and watched this big crane lift up with a man in the bucket, saw in his hand, ready to trim the limbs.  The tree trimmer would gently lift one limb at a time, cut off the weight and release it to the ground so the tree could eventually stand once again.  Of course, this fascinated Jude!  But, it was another picture story God gave me to share with you today.

As I was watching one limb after another fall to the ground it reminded me of the pains of life.  The limbs represented loneliness, death of a loved one, sickness, disappointments, heartache, depression and many other pains; a heaviness that seems too great to handle.   But, God… yes, but God.  In all His love and power gently holds us through it all as we release those burdens one by one to Him, the caretaker of our soul.  Before you know it, the weight is gone and we are standing again!

The door to Jude’s preschool opens and it is time to go in.  He marches in to a familiar place he has not been to since his little sister was lifted to her heavenly home.  His teacher was one of the prayer warriors during the most difficult time of our lives.  The 61 days of “tree trimming” of heartache and brokenness resurfaced for both of us as our eyes locked and filled with tears of remembrance.  She bent down and hugged Jude with arms of God’s love extended and said, “I missed you so much!”  Then, turns to me and our embrace is secured by God’s strength.  The weight is lifted and again we stand!

The tree trimming continues across the street and I get in my car and head home.  The very first song that flows from the radio is “Redeemed”.  There are six words in the song that immediately causes my heart and mind to leap into the memory of God’s faithfulness in our struggle.  Those words were, “The fight has already been won!”  Pictures of the first day, October 11, 2012 begins a slide show of pain.  The unexpected… she was not breathing.  The unexpected… to see my grandbaby with the cooling cap on her head and hooked up to so many machines and monitors.  The unexpected… Sitting in a little room at Children's Hospital with Josh and Crystal who are sharing with me the news that our Briley FAITH has SMA/Type 0 and will not be going home from the hospital.  She would not survive.  The unexpected… I’m standing in a beautiful church with stained glass windows looking down on my grandbaby girl, beautiful in white surrounded by pink, she looks like an angel.  No more monitors, no more struggling to breathe.  She is so much better and so am I because of her.  But, I never expected I would be at a funeral service for my grandbaby.  The curtain closes.  I find myself listening to the song again…

“THE FIGHT HAS ALREADY BEEN WON!  I AM REDEEMED!”  Yes!  It was already won before October 11, 2012!  Now the pictures in my mind are a slide show of grace showing all the favor and goodness that came during that time!  This was a reflection of the weight of the world that was weighing us down being lifted; being “trimmed off” by encouraging words, helping hands and many prayer warriors!  The heaviness disappeared and we were standing!  We were still standing!  How could it be?  Only God can take away the pain of the unexpected because nothing surprises Him.  He was already there!

It could be the Lord is having me share this today because you may be going through the “unexpected”.  There might be thousands of miles between you and me.  We might not know each other.  But, God knows where you are and that you are overwhelmed, weighted down and unable to stand.   It is time you release your heaviness to God.  He is the only one who has been where you are.  He understands.  Let Him walk with you in your battle.  It is not a fight you can win without Him.  He is waiting to hear you call upon His name and say, “Heavenly Father, I want you as my Savior, the only One who can give me hope and eternal life.  I come to You through the blood of Your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ and ask forgiveness of all of my sins.  Cleanse me! Redeem me!  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen!” 

Then there are those of you, like me,  who already know the Lord as your Savior.  Every now and then we need to be reminded that He said not “if” you go through trials, but “when” you go through trials He will be right there with us.  Once we became a child of God it did not mean we were going to be free from pain.  It means we have a Savior who brings peace in the midst of it all.  We have a Savior to carry us when we can’t walk and to give hope in the unexpected.  It is easy to share God’s promises with others.  Those promises are for you, too!  Hope is never lost because God is always with you!  He is your hope!


Something else I have learned is that obedience is part of the battle with “self”.  “Self” wants to give up, throw in the towel, and continue to failingly fight the battle alone.  It doesn’t matter whether it is a struggle of losing a grandbaby to SMA or the power going out like it did as I was writing this blog today; the battle cannot be won without our obedience to God.  When the news was received that Briley FAITH would have very few days with us, Josh, Crystal and the family were obedient in dependence on God.  It’s not about us; it is about God’s faithfulness!  The 61 days we had with Briley FAITH was worth it all because we knew God had it all in His hands!  Therefore, the fight was already won. 

Whatever your struggle, whatever is weighing you down; trust God, step out in obedience and ask Him for help.  Then you will experience a victory!  Because… THE FIGHT HAS ALREADY BEEN WON!

Heavenly Father,

Wow!  That’s all I can say is wow!  You are beyond any earthly thing I could ever do or say to magnify Your name!  Your greatness exceeds my efforts in serving You.  I want to give so much more!  Help me in my obedience to You!

Thank You for carrying our burdens and fighting our battles.  Thank You for these reminders of Your power when the weight of the world becomes overwhelming.

Thank You that nothing surprises You; that You are already there ready and willing to give all we need!  Thank You for Your faithfulness! 

Please help those who might be encountering the “unexpected” today.  I pray they say “Yes” to You and find You are the answer that leads to the victory!

Through the blood of Jesus I come asking forgiveness and laying the weight of the world at Your feet.  AMEN! 

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