Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Ephesians 1:17-19

"...having the eyes of your hearts enlightened, that you may know what is the hope to which He has called you, what are the riches of His glorious inheritance in the saints, and what is the immeasurable greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the working of His great might."

Hundreds maybe even thousands of times I have looked into the beautiful “angel eyes” of my granddaughter, Briley FAITH; when by her side at the hospital, gazing at a picture or thoughts of her come to mind with a photo attached.  Looking, hoping, yearning…  So, as soon as her beautiful bright eyes closed for the last time here on earth, it was hard to open mine.  I didn’t want to look at the pain staring me in the face.  My desire was to close the door and shut out the noise of helplessness… hopelessness.  She was gone.  A blanket of tears covered my eyes as if trying to hide from the dark.  What now?  Weak and tired of standing, my faith shield comes down.  An opening allows fear to step in, steal the light of day and shut the door in the face of “Purpose”.  Fear hangs a sign on the door of my soul that reads, “She’s Closed”.  But, the sign didn’t hang there for long… 

Though Briley FAITH is now in heaven our eyes continue to meet.  Her love, kindness, urgency, focus, gentle spirit, determination, grace and faith left a permanent imprint on my soul.  It seemed the more I wanted to close my eyes, the louder and more often her eyes spoke.  So much so, it gave me the faith that shattered any fear that shut me in.  The sign hanging on the door now reads, “She’s Open”. 

God has used Briley FAITH to build my trust in Him, change my way of looking at life and be open to His plan.  This change became more evident this past weekend when we celebrated my mom’s 70th birthday!  It was during the preparation for the celebration that change announced itself and I saw the unseen…

The morning of mom’s birthday celebration, with dust rag and furniture polish in hand I began to “merry maid” the house!  As I dusted the pictures on the wall I stared at them longer than before.  My eyes looked at the faces and brought forward the memories.  While dusting the piano in the music room, I could see mom’s fingers glide so gently across the keys that sent a beautiful melody to my ears.  Room after room I visited and left with a smile.  Then down the hallway I stood at a shelving unit that holds books, pictures and more memories.  I lifted off one of the shelves a picture of my grandson, mom’s great-grandson, Jude.  As my dust rag swept over this beautiful smile in a frame, my eyes became fixed on another memory.  To some, it may seem childish, some may shrug their shoulders as to indicate it’s not a big deal; not me.   In this memory I could hear my dad laugh like it was yesterday as he watched the “Energizer Bunny” commercial advertising "Energizer" batteries!  He liked it so much that my mom bought him this wind-up "Energizer" bunny!  Behind the precious picture of Jude, proudly stood this plastic bunny waiting for someone to wind him up so he could beat his drum!  If my eyes had been focused on just dusting, something unseen might have been overlooked.  God used my intention that day to remind me to keep my eyes opened to Him and that we all have a purpose greater than the obvious.   My purpose wasn't just to dust objects, it was also to reveal urgency in change.  Life is short.

You may have challenges, struggles, heartache and disappointments that are on your doorstep right now or may come in 2013.  Like mine did, your eyes may want to close in fear of facing the pain.  Briley FAITH’s purpose was greater than the obvious.  She obviously was my precious granddaughter, a beautiful gift.  But, she had a greater purpose; without one word God used her to speak truth!  The truth is… Jesus loves you and has a purpose to fulfill through you and me like He did Briley FAITH.   He has something greater than the obvious for you!  Just get rid of the dust, open your eyes and trust God’s plan!   You see, 2013 is just another year, but eternal life is forever.  Is your heart ready?  A long time ago I heard someone say, "Nothing changes if nothing changes."  That is so true.  Are you ready to change, fulfill your purpose and bask in God's blessings?

“Purpose” is knocking at your door!  Guess what?  When opened, your eyes will see the unseen.  Colors are more vibrant and stars are brighter!  Life’s rain is welcomed because the sun stays longer!  Joy echoes in the valleys and smiles dance all day long!  Choirs of birds sing away the gray clouds!  A dusty rag unveils masterpiece memories and eternal change!  Why is life so bright even if you lose a granddaughter?  Because "Mercy" always joins "Purpose" at the door.

The year 2013 is not going to be new and different because of 365 “start over” days; it’s not the year that needs changing, it is me.  My eyes have been opened to celebrating life daily and fulfilling the plan God has for me.   Through the pain and challenges of my life, I pray eyes will be opened to God’s grace and faithfulness. 

Briley FAITH fulfilled her purpose so that when her eyes closed, many had been opened.

Heavenly Father,

Thank You that You saw we needed a Savior and sent Your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to take on the sins of the world!  I am sinner saved by grace!  Praise You!  Glory to Your name!

There are things of this world I don’t like to see.  There is pain I don’t want to face.  But, I do because of what You can do!  You can give hope, healing, purpose, grace, mercy, strength and everlasting joy!  I trust You with each day of my life and what that day brings.

In 2013, I surrender all.

In Your holy name I pray.  AMEN!

If you would like to know Jesus Christ, our only answer, our only hope, please email me at kfogarty02@gmail.com and I will be glad to share the story.  It's my FAITH ASSIGNMENT.

John 3:16

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

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