Thursday, July 9, 2015


It’s a new day; another day of choices to make.

Although “happy” is my favorite word in the English dictionary there are still days when I am either so sad that that word doesn’t even exist or I wish it away on purpose while drowning in my self-pity.  Happy is just a word but how I use it becomes my world; my day.

During Briley Faith’s 61 days with us, pushing through the choice of darkness to light was a difficult journey.  Many times… oh so many times, I wanted to curl up and cry for my granddaughter, my angel eyes; for my children and grandson; for me.   By starting my day choosing to be clothed in “self” I learned is a risk that leads to unhappiness.  I have walked out my front door dressed “to the tee” of “self” thinking and ready to take on the day only to find that “self” came home weak, depressed and not loving life; happy-less

Here I am again… today.  Reflecting on the past isn’t bad when it is used for our good today.  My today is dimmed by circumstances.  So, sitting on the front porch step I know I have to push through my thinking and take every thought captive for Christ.  Do you hear God?  Push.  Do you see Him? Press on. Focus on Him and not me.  Be still, seek Him... listen... wait patiently and He will arrive in a breathtaking way. Push harder.  He is near.  Then suddenly, my focus on my circumstances becomes faith in His character and once again, my answer, my calm, MY MORNING WITNESS arrives; I’m surrounded by God’s light, God’s promises.  His winds partner with the leaves of the trees; a dance of grace.  All the birds of hope are as a bow to a violin; gentle notes created from the freedom of the flight.  My smile, not painted, but real--upon my heart is revealed outwardly.  Then, laughter expels as I'm now inside standing, looking out my door when one of God's beauties, a Hummingbird, suddenly approaches me as if fluttering a "Hello".  God is speaking, “DANCE, SING, LAUGH!  Put your HAPPY on!”  I’m so thankful for those reminders that GOD'S GOT THIS day, too!

Are you resting on the clouds of doubt and living in rain of self-pity?  Have you, like I have before, allowed the world or other people’s choices to affect your happiness?  The word is happy.  The “Happy-Maker” is Christ.  The choice is yours.

Put you happy on!

Proverbs 16:20 “He who heeds the word wisely will find good, and whoever trusts in the Lord, happy is he.”

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