Thursday, December 11, 2014


“Happy is he who has the God of Jacob for his help, Whose hope is in the Lord his God.”  Psalm 146:5

You know how they say that nothing surprises God?  Well, that is so true!  To tell you the truth, I think I had a hunch God was up to something at the close of my journey; and boy, I knew it was going to be good!  A smile was on the way!

I had closed my eyes many times within my 61 days before my departure to this indescribable palace of peace where worship is a constant and all is well!  But, when I closed my eyes on December 11, 2012 it was different; deliverance, a healing.  Although I was so excited to leave the monitors, tubes and all behind, I didn’t want to leave behind a sad mommy, daddy and big brother.  What made it easier is I knew God had something great coming their way!  Oh how I wanted to tell them!  So, God gave them comfort through the smile in my eyes.  Not only did He have a healing for me, but, for them, also.

 These last two years has been non-stop activity for me!  The beauty to see!  I've always loved big bows and bling but let me tell you, up here it is ridiculously amaaazing!  The rubies, the emeralds, the crystal sea!  I get to run on streets of gold and hear Gigi laughing as she watches Grandad Hunt dancing!  So much fun getting to see all those I didn’t get to meet there!  The incredible beauty makes me feel sometimes like I need to close my eyes; how could I be worthy of this AND eternal life?  So, with all of this before me, I’m looking here, looking there, dashing around every corner not to miss a thing!  Boy, it sure is good that around here we don’t run out of energy because with continual, “sincere-automatic” worship and checking out every detail of Heaven… the vast beauty… well, even Granna can’t describe it!  It’s just beauty beyond that keeps me busy!

I still love the girly stuff my mommy showered me with.  The precious jewels remind me of her and the angels singing, yeah that reminds me of her, too.  Anything I see that is red I think of my big brother, Jude cause he let me play with his little red truck and he played with the yellow one.  It was the perfect color; the blood of Jesus.  Jude is such a thinker with a deep love for Jesus and Jesus sure likes that!  Every time Jesus speaks it reminds me of daddy reading the Bible to me.  Here I am right here with the One daddy told me about!  How awesome is that?  Since I was gently carried here to my first and only home two years ago today, I have to say my home is perfect and all is well.  So, smile, cause I am.

As soon as I was let in on what my faithful Heavenly Father was up to, I jumped and shouted with excitement, “I’m going to have a baby brother!”  But, it wasn’t overwhelming joy for me, it was that I was so happy for my family!  Of course, I knew that little fella wouldn’t be as cute as me and there is NO WAY daddy would let him wear a bow, even pretending!  So, I will always be the bow princess in the Turner house!  My eyes twinkled with happiness like you’ve never seen on October 29, 2013 when my baby brother, Reid Silas Turner arrived, also in an “unknown”; a gift, a healing he will understand one day.  The way God gave him to us was without any doubt, with a peace, a transfer to arms of love; a home built where love shouts “God is our foundation, security and joy!”… a home built for my baby brother.

Daddy said it best when he said, “Faith is seeing God’s promises behind His commands.”  So you see, there has been healing for all of us; fulfilled promises!

I do want to thank you for remembering me.  Each time you speak my name, each time your heart breaks, each time I see you look to the sky with your hand held high and say “We love you, Briley Faith!”… I hear.  I see.

I am smiling and so should you.