Saturday, October 11, 2014


Morning came early.  4 a.m.  I must pray for Briley Faith.  I will storm the gates of heaven and lay requests for her healing at the feet of Jesus.  Daily.

Two years ago today that was my daily.  I was awakened to the calling of prayer for my granddaughter every morning around the same time for 7 consecutive days.  My soul stirred until I could rest no more; until the words my Heavenly Father spoke rested on paper.  Awakened to instruction.

Some of you know about the 61-day journey Briley Faith tarried on this earth.  You know she never breathed on her own and never got to come home from the hospital.  But, today, as I have many times before, I reflect on her affect.  She never breathed on her own but God used her to give hope to others; a hope that helped them breathe once again and trust the hand of God!  The breath she never took was sacrificed for others.  What an effect!  God-breathed.  Awakened to hope.

The other night, I took my son out to eat for his birthday which he and Briley Faith share.   He says she is the best birthday present he has ever received!  Again, together reflecting on times prior to and after Briley’s birth, reminded us of the grandeur of God’s love!  You see, my husband and I lived in another state.  But, by God’s gentle orchestration He guided us to where we could be close to her and family before she was ever born; before any of us knew there would be complications.  What great love!  What great faithfulness!  I’m awakened once again.

I long to be awakened daily again.  But, I have realized it is by choice.  I must choose to follow instruction, I must choose to walk in hope, I must choose to lean into His love and I must choose faith over fear.

Happy Heavenly Birthday, Briley Faith!  Thank you again for continuing to give your Granna a daily dose; an awakening.  I love you so very much and miss you to extremes!  Thank you for the smiles you have given us all!  Before long we will see you again because I do believe the day of the GREAT AWAKENING is soon to come!

Don't be one of the many who are still asleep to God's grace, hope and love. Right now, this moment is not too late.  Confess your sins and receive His grace!  Contact me and I can help:  Just please remember there will be a day when ALL will be awakened; a day too late for some.

Romans 14:11-12   For it is written: As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to Me, and every tongue shall confess to God.”   So then each of us shall give account of himself to God.

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