Tuesday, August 12, 2014


In Acts 10, God showed Peter in a vision, animals he was to kill and eat.  Peter said, “I can’t eat something that is unclean.”  Then an angel of the Lord said, “What God has cleansed, you must not call common.”  Wow!  Later Peter realized God was instructing him to preach the gospel to those he would normally not associate with.  Peter did what he was told, as we should.

But, this also got me to thinking, “We are God’s children cleansed by the blood of Jesus!  We are NOT common!”  Acts 10:15 “…What God has cleansed, you must not call common.”

In today’s neighborhood a large percentage of homes are built the same; one right after another; “cookie cutter”.  Life can be that way; trying to be someone we’re not; wanting to fit in to the neighborhood.  You know, live someone else’s life story.  It seems easier to be common and live a “cookie cutter” life especially when times are hard.  We become recluse, withdrawn and just want to blend in with the “neighborhood”.  Go unnoticed.

On October 11, 2012 our circumstances, our life, our home was not “cookie cutter”.  In fact, we had never heard of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), the muscular disease Briley Faith was later diagnosed with having.  Not only that, she had the most severe; type 0; an “uncommon”, at least to us.

Peter received an assignment from God to embrace what was uncommon.  He trusted God and lived his purpose.  We too, knew we could trust Him from faithfulness past.  So, together we embraced this “uncommon”.  At that time many viewed our life as dark and dilapidating because for 61 days “home” was knowing Briley Faith was very ill; “home” was tears; “home” was visiting my granddaughter who I knew would never go beyond the hospital room door I just entered.  But, when one puts faith in the Master Builder blessings outweigh the brokenness and we do not crumble for our foundation is firm.  So, through God’s hands that same hospital room became a park; another day the hospital atrium was transformed into a sanctuary of praise!  As we watched God use Briley Faith, she never lost focus on His purpose speaking hope to the world in view of His masterpiece.  Her journey, the “home” she was given stood out and as many passed by, they slowed down gazing in wonder how the life given could look so uncommonly beautiful.  Therefore, wanting the same God in their life; a home built by the Master Builder.

Replace your fear with faith and you, too, will receive that peculiar peace, wake up with joy, walk in light and be able to live in His hope, not the circumstance.  Embrace your pain, shattered dreams, your “uncommon” so others may see God’s glory; another masterpiece built from broken pieces!

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