Wednesday, December 11, 2013


The events that happened one year ago today to some would seem a day of tragedy, a dark day...  But, how could it be dark when Briley FAITH was so bright?

It was as if it were yesterday I was looking into those big, beautiful eyes; "Bright Eyes", I called her.  Boy, how she could tell a story with those eyes!  Though every story unique, they had a common thread; sharing the thread of hope, the thread of grace, the thread of love, the thread of peace, the thread of joy,  the thread of FAITHfulness... all entwined forming one, the ONE; the Light of the World, the Scarlet Thread, Jesus Christ!

Yes, tears still fall in remembrance of Briley Faith.   Every teardrop unique for that moment yet each one is caught by the same loving hands, therefore, having a common thread; the Savior of all, Jesus Christ.

Our darkest hour will never come close to what Jesus Christ did for us.  By taking on the dark of the world He gives us light; a way out of darkness... a way out of sin... His grace through faith.  Without Him there is no life, there is no light, darkness remains.  Though sins are different, if you have Him as your Savior, there is a common thread;  His blood covers each and every individual sin.

I must say, as soon as we got the news of Briley Faith's diagnosis, for a brief moment it stopped me in my steps, it took my breath away and pain penetrated my heart.  Then came Jesus... my steadfast, sure foundation and carried me the rest of the way.  Over and over He is faithful to His promises!

If you feel hopeless, helpless, and have run out of tears, just say yes to Jesus and change will come.  It is then you will truly live and have a Savior, Provider, Healer, Peacemaker, a Strong Tower to hold on to; a not so common, common thread.

"For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.". John 3:16
Briley FAITH, "Bright Eyes"

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