Thursday, October 10, 2013

DAY 71 - ONE

One day…

For it is written: 
As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to Me, and every tongue shall confess to God.”   So then each of us shall give account of himself to God.
Romans 14:11-12

One year ago today, my granddaughter, Briley FAITH Turner, was born.  Many “ones” happened following that day.  Of course, that day I became Granna to one granddaughter; and, well, she had one “Granna”.  The next 61 days I began picking up the ones and holding, just holding…

…holding hands with many in prayer, in one accord.
…holding hearts that were also broken, for that one same reason.
…holding scripture and believing like I never had before, one Bible, one truth, one faith.
…holding her… Briley FAITH in my arms, a special time I will never forget, one time.

October 19, 2012 I began writing my first blog, this one.  Writing a blog was all new to me, but God had a plan, a new one.  Every day I would look into Briley FAITH’s beautiful eyes and with one glimpse Briley FAITH spoke in such depth to me… and others.  Whether in her hospital room or gazing upon my sweet “angel eyes” in a photograph, she had something to say, always getting in one more word.

It is no different today, one year later, she still speaks to me.  So, through tears I look at her picture and immediately I smile.  Without a doubt I know she does not want any of us crying in remembrance of her but glorifying in remembrance of HIM!  The ONE!

That 61 day journey, I must say, was the hardest road I had ever been on, yet the most peaceful and rewarding.  Rewarding, really?  Yes.  Her sacrifice continued to show us the ONE greatest sacrifice of all, Jesus Christ, our One and only hope. 

There were so many moments… so many ones and each time they led us to the One.

Today I glanced over Day 10 of this blog and there was one sentence I wrote in a prayer that burned within me… “Because of Your sacrifice, we can rest in the hope that in Your perfect timing she will rise in victory for Your glory!”… and she did; December 11, 2012. 

That one day in your life might not have been October 11, 2012 when you begged for mercy, healing or forgiveness; when you prayed for deliverance, guidance or oneness with the Savior; where He knows you and you know Him.  But, I pray you did and you do have that one day you will never forget that led you to victory and will even unto death.  If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, I pray today is your one day.

Today Briley FAITH turned one and is skipping around the throne praising the ONE.

Happy Birthday, Angel Eyes
Happy Birthday to you
You know your Granna cries
although I try not to.
I long to sing you a lullaby
today as in every day
Even though you’re in the sweet by and by,
I’m gonna sing anyway…

“Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.
Little ones to Him belong.  They are weak but He is strong.
Yes, Jesus loves me.  Yes, Jesus loves me.
Yes, Jesus loves me.  The Bible tells me so.”

I know you are healed to perfection
and every day should be a celebration
of thanks to the Lord of creation, the One.

The sweetness in heaven is greater
Can’t wait to see you sooner than later
All because of Jesus Christ, my Savior
Eternity with you awaits… one day.

Granna loves you real big, Briley FAITH!

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