Friday, February 15, 2013


Thank you for going on the Briley’s Daily Dose journey with me.  The Lord has revealed to me today’s post is the “final dose”.  My focus is now directed in writing a book with Josh and Crystal (Jude’s and Briley Faith’s mommy and daddy).  The 61-day life of our little “angel eyes”, her mommy’s updates, her daddy’s words of wisdom and expressions of love, big brother’s smiles and the blogs were stepping stones to where we are today – the book.  Please continue to read and share this blog in hopes of more lives being changed.  Also, please pray for us as the journey of faith continues.  I encourage you to step in God’s grace with faith and enjoy the plan He has for you.   Though painful at times it may be, there truly is joy in the journey.   All for the glory of God! 

With yesterday being Valentine’s Day love was in the air!  One day to express one’s love.  Don’t get me wrong from what I'm about to say because I love love!  It is just today as I look into the window of the world, I see the description of love is wrong and the gifts are temporary.  The world tells us the way to express love is with a box of chocolates, a card or a bouquet of flowers.  That  type of love is now gone, wilted, or has lost its value and is now in the discount basket or on the clearance shelf at the store.  This one day  reflects greed and misinterpretation.  Something that is as fragile and precious as “real love” has become empty expressions by many.  The only gift of yesterday that changes the hearts of today and lasts for all our tomorrows is God’s love.  The greatest expression of love for you and me was when Jesus hung upon the cross that one day.  A sacrificial, unconditional, forever love.  Nothing can separate us from the love that came to save us…

Every time I looked into Briley FAITH’s eyes love was always present along with concern.  I think the concern was that we wouldn’t “get it”; understand the magnitude of God’s love.  That when we say “God loves me from the east to the west”, our minds would not comprehend such a great love she already understood.   With all her might she tried to convey such a simple story that we have made so hard.  God’s love has been replaced with what the world has to offer.  So, as I looked in her eyes it was as if she was screaming, “Run from the world and run to Jesus!”  We must listen, we must listen.  What the world offers is fleeting, brief, momentary, passing, short-lived and temporary; a discounted box of chocolates, a wilted rose.

The love of the One, Jesus Christ, is permanent, unending, ceaseless and even deathless; a Redeemer, a Savior.  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”  John 3:16

Those who know God’s love can endure great pains knowing joy comes with each dose of the trial.  My three year old little grandson, Jude, was familiar with joy in pain because he saw the example in his little sister and has been taught by his God-loving parents.  Although the Briley Faith journey was a very painful trial, I was reminded yesterday of how God is concerned with and understands all pain; your pain, my pain, Jude’s pain. 

Yesterday, there were several instances of discomfort Jude was having that were of concern.  After going to the doctor it is a possibility he has a urinary tract infection.  Although he didn’t complain much, I felt so sorry for him and wanted to take his pain away.  But, what captured my attention was his response to his discomfort.  It started after breakfast, continued at preschool and then at lunch.  Experiencing this pain once again after going to the potty, his response as I bent down to help him snap his little jeans was, “I guess it still is…”.  Then he went on his way enjoying the day.  Jude accepted the discomfort, that the pain "still is" and was ready to endure.  Little did I know the scripture I had been helping him memorize would speak what he was displaying; joy in the pain.  “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”  Proverbs 17:22

After Briley’s birth and diagnosis of SMA/type 0, I felt like I was hit with a brick of devastation and the wind knocked out of me.  It was painful and even hard at times to be joyful.  But, God’s grace is greater!  With each dosage of His goodness the pain became less. 

You might feel crushed right now and in a whirlwind of despair.  The pain is too great to surface; wanting to stay under the covers.  The day is still night.  The four walls of your life are closing in and breaths are few.  The world’s “cure” is lifeless.  Run from the world and run to Jesus; the everlasting love, healer of souls and hope for tomorrow.

My closing thoughts and the final dose to this blog reflect what Briley FAITH, God’s little missionary and faithful servant unrelentingly and triumphantly was saying.  “I AM YOURS, LORD AND I WILL TELL THE WORLD”…

The DIAGNOSIS – we are all sinners.  “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23

The CURE – God’s grace.  “and are justified by His grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” Romans 3:24

Briley FAITH in Jude's arms of protective love.

Heavenly Father,

How could I ever thank you enough for the privilege of sharing You through the eyes of my precious granddaughter, Briley FAITH?  I am nothing.  You are ALL!

Father, I know there are many who still have not let You into their life.  I pray Your truth continues to penetrate those hearts.  What joy, what freedom, what hope, what love awaits all who receive You!

Those who know You as Savior but are angry and bitter because of the unexpected, I pray they receive reminders of Your love and see that when their knees fall, burdens are lifted.

Thank You for loving me; a sinner saved by grace.

Through the precious blood that spilled on that one day for all of my todays, I come and lay this request at Your feet.  Amen!

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