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Galatians 2:20
I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.

Proverbs 16:3

Commit your actions to the Lordand your plans will succeed.

“I have one shot to make this the best it can be.  Just one shot.”  Those were the words spoken by my son, Josh a couple of weeks prior to the “big event”.  He was planning to give his wife, Crystal, and baby girl, Briley FAITH a mommy/daughter day and if it wasn’t pulled off quickly it would never happen.  This loving husband wanted to make this “one shot” day not just good, but the best.   Josh didn’t know how he would pull it off, but he knew with God all things are possible.

Many phone calls and arrangements were made and secrets kept.   The morning of this endearing event began with Josh giving Crystal a bouquet of roses that opened the door to this beautiful day and he whisked her off to the hospital.  Upon entering Briley FAITH’s room they see it has been transformed into an enchanted forest and at every turn there is something new to do.  Mommy/daughter rings were presented upon entering the room, a massage awaited, clothes shopping with Briley was on the agenda, a picnic with the husband and daddy who loves them so, and more; a perfect distraction from the “new norm”.  He had “one shot” and knew only God could make it happen.  He placed exactly the ones who needed to be in Josh’s path to help fulfill the desire of his heart.  Because of God’s faithfulness and Josh’s obedience and faith in what God can do, the mommy/daughter day was a success.

Briley Faith was placed here for a 61-day purpose.  That purpose was gracefully and boldly fulfilled.  For 61 days she gave her all; I think she knew she had “one shot” to show the world who God is.  I am so thankful He allowed us to borrow her, love on her and learn through her within those 61 days.  I still miss her greatly.  Although our “angel eyes” resides in heaven, I continue to drawer nearer to God because of the lessons her purpose continues to reveal. 

Thinking on this while traveling home from Texas today I asked myself, “What if I only had 61 days left to live?  What if I only had “one shot?  What would I do?  How would I glorify my Savior, the owner of my 61 days and the maker of the “one shots”?

God showed me through a picture of love my husband painted when I walked through the door this afternoon.  Candles were lit and he had made a “make shift” massage table.  He knew I had a headache and needed help relaxing from the long trip from Texas.  My husband took his “one shot”, that moment, to show me his love.   Now that’s a glimpse of God’s goodness in the “one shot”.  God’s love through him to me.

My thoughts continued…

What if we only had 61 days left to worship God freely in our country?  That next Sunday we would pull into the church parking lot and approach the sanctuary doors only to find chains and locks shutting us out.  No more worship.  If that was to happen, and it could, what would be that “one shot” of glorifying God in excellence?

What if we knew we had just 61 days with our spouse, child, family member or loved one before they were no longer with us?  Their eyes close.  No more life.  What would be that “one shot” of our best we could do for them?  In doing so, I believe we would find the simplest actions are lasting treasures.  Treasures aren’t buried, they are given.

What if there was only 61 days left to forgive that person who hurt you and only 61 days left to ask forgiveness from the person you hurt.  Would you take that “one shot” to make it right?

Those who have not repented of your sins and asked God to forgive you, if you only had 61 days to live, would you finally say “Yes, Lord” today?  None of us are promised 61 days or even tomorrow.  That is why it is important to say “Yes” today.

Jesus Christ gave His life for us to have life.  We can glorify Him by letting others see He lives within us.  Let’s live it like we only have “one shot” to make a lasting difference glorifying God in excellence! 

February 4, 2013 – April 5, 2013

I challenge you to commit to 61 days of seeking God and saying “Yes!” to what He has been asking you to do and new things He will reveal.  It may have to do with your health, finances, forgiveness, a ministry, your marriage, acts of kindness, or just loving people more.  Ask God to reveal the purposes He has for you each day.  More than likely there will be several “one shot” moments.  Like Josh, just trust God through it all and you will find success.

As we join together to make a difference for God’s kingdom, I would love for us to share and be inspired by these “one shot” projects or deeds.   Please email your story to me at

Heavenly Father,

I could never match up to Your excellence, but I want to give You my very best!  Reveal to me Your purpose for each day as I strive to live life pleasing to You.

Thank You for those who have taken the time to be used by You in using a “one shot” to fulfill a need.  I ask You to give us wisdom, discernment, mercy and boldness as we seek You to make a difference on earth for your kingdom with the time You give us.

Thank You for giving us a Savior, our best example of faithfulness to purpose.

In Jesus’ name I pray, AMEN!
Making life count...

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